How to Use Visuals to Boost Your Employer Branding

If you run a business or work in marketing, you’ll know that branding extends beyond your company’s product. Branding also applies to the way that your customers and clients perceive your business and requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it in the positive.

And when it comes to hiring and recruitment, employer branding becomes even more essential. Which is why we’ve teamed up with employee recognition tool, Bonusly, to co-create an ebook on the very topic.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the importance of employer branding and how you can craft one with staying power – an employer brand that’ll be able to attract and keep top talent.

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The war for talent is fierce and the way that potential new hires perceive your company will either draw them towards you as an ideal employer, or deter them from applying at all.

We’re a visual brand so are definitely a proponent of using visuals to boost our own employer branding, and we want to help you do the same. Which is why we’ve put together this article to inspire you with poster design examples from brands large and small, and to show you the ropes on using visuals to put your company’s best foot forward.


Employment Branding Posters

1. Disney
This clever poster from the Magic Kingdom brand plays on the “when I grow up, I want to be…” cliche. It’s cute, evocative, and appeals to both adults and children. Plus, it also promotes the “fantasy of Disney” that children around the globe dream about.

2. The Navy
This recruitment poster from the Navy works well not only because it’s visually clever, but because it’s message is very accessible. It promotes the inclusive idea that anyone can join the Navy, make an impact and do extraordinary things.

3. McDonalds
The ever-evolving fast food chain has published yet another visually clever poster, this time using French fries as pencils. The pencils in this employment branding poster signify a learning experience, and make applicants feel that there is opportunity for upward mobility.

4. Microsoft
Hiring developers is perhaps one of the toughest recruitment challenges plaguing tech companies today. Microsoft’s recruitment poster uses the “do you speak code?” tagline, as well as clever use of code, to pique the interest of programmers.

5. GE
General Electric may be a century-old brand, but they’re known to be creative and progressive in its advertising. The same can be said about this superhero-like employer branding poster that appeals to the candidate’s want to work with brilliant people. And it also hints at the GE employee’s abilities to be able to extraordinary things at work.

LEGO is a visual brand it takes advantage of this fact with this employer branding poster. Besides its clever use of its own product, and the play on words of “build your future,” it also uses LEGOs pieced together to form a QR code – an effective call to action.

7. Accenture
acc-4610781This Accenture recruitment ad is lighthearted and also communicates that the global management consultancy has leaders that want to mentor, instead of just being a boss. This would attract new hires interested in being nurtured in their career aspirations.

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Recruitment Visuals

1. Move
This pastel recruitment infographic communicates in a clean and playful way, the company’s mission, client base, and the roles that they’re hiring for.

2. You’re just our type
This creative agency uses puns in its copy for this recruitment poster hybrid, while also clearly communicating its culture and values.

3. Corporate brochure
Those that work in the corporate world will know that putting your best foot forward in your company brochures will attract the right talent. This corporate brochure is a neat example of one.

4. Our company values
Having your company’s core values resonate with new hires is one way to attract new talent at the career fair and beyond. This company values infographic is a good way to get your point across. Edit this template in Piktochart!

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Career Fair Visuals

1. “About Us” brochure
At the career fair, you’ve got to work to stand out among all the other companies hoping to catch the eye of talented new candidates. Why not put together a sharp and professional “About Us” brochure like this one?

2. Career fair poster
So you’re planning on running a job fair to promote your newly-opened set of roles. Coming up with an original and eye catching poster, like this one, might be your best bet in attracting attendees.

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We hope this article, along with its visual inspiration and relevant templates, was able to help you pull a head in the fierce race for hiring the best talent. We’re with you on this one!

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