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Almost a year and a half in the works, we are excited to share the beta version of Piktostory (now Piktochart Video) – a video editor created with content repurposing in mind.

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Who is it for?

The simple answer: Piktochart Video is for everyone who needs to create video content. And you can try it out for free by creating an account.

This especially applies to marketers but also to consulting businesses.

In recent months, many of us started creating more webinars, workshops, virtual conferences, video Q&As, vlogs, and more. 

At Piktochart, we have produced 2x more video content in 2020 than the year before. 

We have been working on a virtual conference, started delivering monthly webinars, publishing #PiktoChat series on YouTube, and preparing for webinar-style demos.  

We found that videos helped our team to stay more connected with customers and users. 

Yet our most important learnings out of this video producing experience in 2020 were the following: 

  1. Webinars and live events get very high engagement. One of our PiktoWebinars had over 900 sign ups and +300 live attendees. 
  2. Video content requires a lot of coordination behind the scenes. There is a lot of work required to create a successful webinar or a virtual conference. Securing the speakers, recording, creating visuals, promoting the event, editing and rendering the videos, moderating the chat, operating across time zones, and so much more. The worst was the editing and rendering part. It turned out to be very time-consuming for our designers and blocked them from working on the other projects. 
  3. These videos deserve to live more than once. After running a couple of these events ourselves, we realized that these videos should not just live once. Not everyone can catch a live event. That’s why we decided to make them on-demand so that we could extend their lifespan and make them accessible to a wider audience. Fun fact: One of our webinars garnered 157 registrations, had 95 live attendees but 210 people watching it as a replay! Repurposing videos help your existing video content to get more views and engagement.

All of the above made us think.

Could we help companies like ours repurpose their video content?

Could we build a simple solution that would allow anyone to edit videos in the same easy way as they would edit a text document? 

Could webinars, and other videos be easily repurposed by extracting important snippets that you could then quickly share on social media?

Oh and let’s not forget. Could video editing help you elevate your business story while at the same time being fun to use?

That’s how Piktochart Video was born.

A video editing solution as easy as taking notes. Created for content repurposing. Allowing you to quickly turn one video into multiple content pieces ready to be shared on social media.

The vision behind Piktochart Video

Piktochart Video’s creation was driven by three main factors:

1. Video is for everyone.

Every business can create great video content. And every business should start investing in video. 

Unfortunately, despite an increased demand, editing of the videos didn’t get much easier for the businesses. It still feels like a complicated and time-consuming task.

The main contra-video arguments across marketing teams include:

  • I do not have time to “figure” this out or learn a new software
  • I do not have super expensive equipment (DSLR cameras, microphones)
  • I am camera shy or I don’t want to look bad on a camera
  • I do not know what to say or how to say it

Piktochart Video Team:

Yikes, even we are camera shy. Our team has a couple of introverts but they are stellar communicators. We want to enable them to share their message. Ability to edit the best parts and delete the “not so good” ones makes it easier for them to give video a try. And all of it without needing to involve a professional video editor 🤓

introvert, communication

2. Authenticity helps us connect

Nothing generates a better positive human connection than real people behind a product, brand or business. 

Speaking directly to your users and customers is way more effective than properly scripted messages, blog posts or explainer videos narrated by professional actors. 

Piktochart Video Team:

When we were building Piktochart Video, we were contemplating motion graphics fueled by stock videos. We decided against that. We felt that what people want to engage with is the “who” behind every product or service. Users want to see the ups and downs. They want to be able to relate to the brand and say “They get me. They know how it feels to be in my shoes!”

will smith, authenticity in brands

3. Video editing reimagined for 2020s.

Professional video editing, for some years now, has been dominated by software which is feature-rich but also complicated to learn. 

We have discovered that there are many ways to make the entire editing flow easier and more intuitive to the user. 

Piktochart Video Team:

One of the things that excited us the most about building Piktochart Video, was to make video editing as easy as editing a text document!

how to edit videos for beginners

How does this re-imagined video editor look like?

If you have existing content already, it’s super easy to get started. 

  1. Upload your video or connect to Zoom or Google Drive accounts to fetch them. Your video will be automatically transcribed from speech-to-text.
  2. Edit by selecting parts of text, and not by trimming a timeline. Trust us. It’s so much easier. 
  3. Create multiple clips from one video.
  4. Download the clips you like and upload them to your social media channel. 
  5. Start engaging with your audience.

If you’d like to see how it can transform your video content, simply sign up and you’re ready to work your video magic!

Where do we go from here?

This is just the beginning. Our mission is to empower any brand to tell their story through videos. 

We cannot wait to share this journey with you all and see what you create with it. Sign up for a free beta here. Happy repurposing!

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