User Story: Gina Yeagley on The Importance of Knowing What You’re Marketing


A few years ago, marketing was perceived as the act to sell things that make them seem better than they really are. Remember telemarketing, spam, TV advertisements and annoying popup banners? In the era of building traffic organically through outbound marketing, these methods are intrusive and have trained customers to ignore them.

Gina Yeagley doesn’t want to repeat history. As an early believer and adopter of inbound marketing, she has chosen to be part of this new wave to change the situation. By producing valuable and interesting content for customers via blogs, newsletters, social media marketing and other means, inbound marketing brings customers in instead of driving them away.

Interesting content needs intriguing design


Currently working as the VP of Marketing at a HubSpot partner agency in Cincinnati, OH called Cleriti, Gina builds a solid foundation to effectively measure ROI and use rich insights to improve marketing programs. As digital marketing is an inherent part of this role, she also creates and manages inbound campaigns and creative elements that bring them to life. The latter is a perpetual challenge since most marketers are not designers. But Gina had already found a sound solution.

“At a previous company where I was responsible for developing and growing the inbound marketing program, plain ol’ text and stock photos weren’t enough. It was a survey software company, so we did a lot of our own studies and research on our audience and other samples across the world and wanted to visually share results.

After the pain, cost and amount of time it took to outsource and come to agreement on infographics with outside designers, I went hunting for a solution to bring it in-house. In a trial period, I explored and – again, the costs and limitations were still there. The consistent new infographic templates available to use and overall dynamic features of Piktochart sold me right away.”

Gina’s first infographic was a simple event invitation to a work holiday party. It took her about 10 minutes to make and her team absolutely loved it.

“It’s so easy to share a preview with team members and go back in to make finishing touches! My favorite thing is the awesome templates available that are trending with current events and the very large library of searchable icons to customize your infographics. From making any kind of chart you could think of to customizing it with your own colors and fonts – Piktochart makes it easy.”


Add an extra visual aesthetic to your content

Taking full advantage of Piktochart’s versatility, Gina and her team have turned dry statistics and data into various engaging content.

“In my previous role with Survey Analytics, everyone from the marketing team to customer success team used Piktochart. We even had created a beautiful way to present clients with their usage statistics via an infographic upon annual renewals.

Now I use it anytime we have a large amount of research supplementing a blog post. I also use it to quickly make infographics for clients of our agency. We are even currently working on using Piktochart to display an “Insight Of The Week” on a client’s website homepage. All they will have to do is to go into a Google Drive document and enter the data points and the chart will update itself in real-time.”

The reactions from all this change? “Our customers love the added visual aesthetic in their content marketing mix and it is a huge upgrade from the usual stock photos.”

Share information that people care about

What Gina values the most from this improvement in communication is the ability to create real value in the connections with people.

“Success for us is measured in growth and having more fun than pain while we grow. Whether it’s growth of traffic, conversions, revenue or bigger, stronger teams and connecting with our customers on what’s most important – these are all things that make our business thrive.

Piktochart helps us with multiple pieces of the puzzle by having a simple learning curve, ability to create great templates for ourselves and our customers and then an easy way to copy, modify and share our own infographics. Last but not least, Piktochart is different because it is a tool friendly to the way marketers work to enable them to create beautiful infographics, even if they don’t have a lot of previous design skills.”

For inbound marketers aspiring to use infographics out there, Gina advises you to take the next step. Making infographics is one thing, sharing it with the right people is another. “With effective placement of an infographic or getting the right influencer to share it comes a major boost in traffic. Once people start sharing your infographic, you naturally climb up the page rankings in search thanks to all the fantastic inbound links to your company.”

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