Users say .. (Video testimonials)

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In theory information design works but what about practice? We caught 2 Piktochart users and asked them to share a sentence or two about infographics in their business presentations.

Mariasole Pastori

It is particularly important for us that when we talk to clients our presentations look good

Maria is a headhunter/recruiter in the fashion industry. She uses Piktochart to create presentations and CVs that look professional and are yet edgy for her candidates and then passes them over to the employers. She has been very pleased with how easy and time-saving the process has been for her.

Laura Manthe

My presentations have a fresh look to them now and that gives me a competitive edge against others

Laura is an investment associate; she collects information on new properties in London, analyzes their value and possible future appreciation. Half of her time she spends meeting new clients who are looking for great investments, thus presentations play a key role in her professional life. She uses Piktochart in her meetings to visualize the information about the real estate market and the value of the properties for maximum impact.