User Story: How To Take a PiktoTour to School

This post is part of our guide to using infographics in education. For more information, check out the guide here.

Back in August 2015, we launched an idea our team has been excited about for some time. Inspired by brands like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Unsplash, our team decided to create an event series to foster community with Piktochart users. We chose to call the series #PiktoTour, and the goal was simple – go where the Piktochart community is already thriving, see where we can add value, and let others join in on the fun.

Since then, we’ve seen excitement for the idea grow. In addition to events our team members organized in cities like Melbourne, New York City, and Barcelona, we started hearing from users who wanted to join in as organizers for #PiktoTour events in their cities.

Our first user-led event was hosted by P. Karan Jain in Shillong, India. His #PiktoTour event was held a mere 50 days after we launched the idea, and it was a huge success! Inspired by Karan’s hard work, we started telling students who contacted us about how they could get involved with Piktochart about #PiktoTour – and we offered to support them in organizing an event on their college campuses.

Enter Eda Deniz

When Middle East Technical University (METU) student Eda Deniz was creating her resume using Piktochart, she realized that the Turkish flag was not correct. She sent our team an email about it.

“I simply wrote, ‘It is not correct. I would like to inform you,’” she recalled. “I received a reply within a very short period time telling me it would be looked at and fixed. I was really impressed with the answer. It made me think – I always use Piktochart and share with my friends, so why not ask if I can be part of the team?”

When Eda reached out to us, we knew she’d be the perfect person to share more about Piktochart at METU. Eda is a board member and helps with public relations for METU’s Productivity Club. She says this club is the most active business and career student club in Turkey with more than 140 active members. The club connects students to local companies for internships, and students are also encouraged to  get involved with social responsibility projects and to write a blog. As a board member, Eda manages 3 projects with 3 other administrative board members.

“For student club meetings, Piktochart is used to show events’ feedback results,” said Eda. “When we explain results using Piktochart, I find it’s easier for other club members to understand. After being introduced to Piktochart at student club presentations, I started to use it for my lessons, assignments, and reports to make them easier to understand, catchier, and look more professional. Learning how to use Piktochart was not hard for me. The user-friendly interface helped so much.”

When thinking about planning #PiktoTourAnkara, there were a two things that made Eda excited to take on the challenge:

First, she wanted other students to learn why infographics are useful and how they can use them in daily life. She felt that sharing this knowledge would impact the students’ lives and help them develop professionally.

Second, she was excited to share data about what makes a great infographic. Eda looked forward to not only making the case for using infographics but also sharing data on how to make beautiful infographics.

“Of course, I also had some concerns about the event,” she admitted. “Would I be able to make an impact on the audience? Would the students enjoy my presentation? How can I be sure to grab their attention? Would they think the information I’m sharing is significant and useful?”

Planning #PiktoTourAnkara

Eda said the first step in planning #PiktoTourAnkara was to find a location for the event.

“I was lucky because I can use my department classes,” she said. “But for other campus organizers, if you don’t have this option, you can use a cafe or a campus conference room.”

Next, she scheduled a date and time. She cross-checked dates with important exams or lessons on campus just to be sure there wasn’t a conflict for students.

Then, it was time to announce the event and advertise why students would want to join in.

“I thought about what students would want to get out of the event,” she said. “In my promotion, I mentioned that they could learn to use infographics in exciting ways and that at the event they would learn how to create better infographics. Because the event was held at our university campus, I highlighted how students could use infographics, such as creating resumes, reports, and using them for assignments. I promoted the event in our METU Productivity Club Facebook group.”

“It was helpful that the team provided sources for presentation content and ideas for topics that students might be interested in,” she said. “Other #PiktoTour organizers could print handouts that related to the presentation content or about how to use Piktochart. Other organizers should also focus on choosing content that appeals to participants’ interests.”

#PiktoTourAnkara – A Success

Eda hit a homerun with her presentation to METU students. One 2nd-year student said she needed a resume to apply for internships and was excited to see she could make her resume with Piktochart. Another said that by using Piktochart’s templates, he could write assignment reports in better way.


“I think they liked it,” recalled Eda. “Especially the part about making a resume. Tricks about creating good infographics will help them with school projects. I think using Piktochart is a great way to can explain your ideas clearly.”

We couldn’t have been prouder of the way #PiktoTourAnkara turned out. It was a great event thanks to Eda’s hard work and the METU students’ willingness to give Piktochart a try.

“Piktochart make me feel like I am a part of team,” said Eda.

Are you interested in hosting a #PiktoTour on your campus? We need your help to grow our campus ambassador program and learn with us along the way! If you’d like more information about how you can partner with us, email Jacqueline Jensen at [email protected]

This post is part of our guide to using infographics in education. For more information, check out the guide here.

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