Rachel Choong

Student | London School of Economics

Making a marketing pitch is a difficult thing. You need to convince people that what you have on offer is better than any other option they have encountered. Is it a product you are selling? Is it a project or a contract you’d like to win? Is it even you looking for a job?

We’re all tired of a thick deck of powerpoint slides. Videos are complicated, technical things. Documents – who even reads them?

Well, there’s now the infographic. And here’s why you should really start using them when making your marketing pitch.


Infographics give you the creative license to your pitch visually captivating. Emphasize insights and highlight points to capture your audience. Use familiar icons which relate to your pitch as a visual anchor to make your pitch memorable. Harvard researchers have proven that visuals are better retained – more so if they are of human-recognisable objects.

Change up the fonts to make your copy really stand out. Pikto-themes come with pre-set fonts so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit.

And take your pick of available icons and images:

Bonus:Use the different headers. They give form and format to your pitch.

2. Say it with Numbers

Back up your pitch with statistics. Nothing speaks louder than numbers. It gives your argument a solid proof and makes you sound more convincing. Your product is better? Show them how. Proof other people prefer your service? Show them by how much. And use them wisely.

Piktochart’s easy to use chart tool makes it so much easier to embed a convincing graph.

Bonus: Import data easily from Google Spreadsheets and saved files. No more tedious copy pasting!

3. Share it in multiple formats

It could be difficult to make a convincing pitch to someone in a different location. The beauty of infographics is that it can be delivered from a far. Share it in multiple formats. Embed it in your website, share it over an email or send your audience a link. Once the pitch has been made, it can even get a “second life” on social media.
Upon completing your infographic, click on Publish and choose your format. PNG works best for lines, text and few colours. JPEGS work best for photos and real images.

Publish online and share the URL. You can even embed your infographic using the provided HTML codes.

And for even easier sharing on social media. Easy to use share buttons unleash your infographic online.

4. Use it in a presentations!

Turn your infographic into a presentation. Control the story – don’t let your audience speed through the whole infographic. Rather take them to a journey where they would come to a conclusion at the final block.

Think of each block as a separate slide when designing your infographic. Tell your story with an introduction at the very top, end it with a conclusion and with all your points in between.

To go into presentation mode. First, publish your infographic to HTML. Open your infographic in a new window. A button will appear at the top left corner to Enter Presentation Mode. OK this is still in Beta mode, but still worth the try!

Use the left and right buttons to navigate your presentation. To exit, click on the Exit Presentation Mode button at top right.

Piktochart your pitch with the multitude of tools made available for you. It is still down to your storytelling and presentation skills to seal the deal. Keep practicing. Refine your pitch. Keep trying.
While we can’t guarantee winning over your audience. We’ll make you look good.

Do you have any tips to share for how to use infographics in your marketing pitch?

And if you haven’t, start now!