Two Big News in One Piktopost

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On 24th April, Piktochart won the “Pitch Your Way to Silicon Valley” contest held by GIST, CRDF, YouNoodle and Startup Malaysia. The prize? A full scholarship to go to Silicon Valley in July to join YouNoodleBaseCamp and learn from some really great entrepreneurs in the Valley. We cannot wait for July.

(If you happen to be based around the Valley, drop us a note and we are happy to arrange a meet!)

Take a look at our feature in the local Malaysian papers.

Gist CRDF Piktochart goes to Silicon Valley Startup Malaysia Winner

The next big news is this.

Steve Blank became a Piktochart’s PRO User on 1st May 2012 (Malaysian time)

It was the morning of a Labours Day- I was working from home when I got a notification of a payment made under the name Steve Blank. I thought it was normal that there were many names out there like Steve Blank’s but decided to check out some more details from his email address and oh my 242#$#@$@!!@!, HE IS THE REAL DEAL!

So without much thinking, I sent him a very quick email to say:

“Hi Steve
Thank you for checking out Piktochart. This is supposed to be a generic thank you and welcome email, but I cannot help but notice the email which you used to pay for the Pro account. We are so happy to have you on Piktochart. We are still a budding startup and we are a BIG fan of your work! How Piktochart managed to monetize the app 5 months after beta, we’d have to give a lot of thanks to you.

If you have any comments for us to work on and improve, we’ll happily take them in with an open mind.”

And it is true that we are long-subscribers of Steve’s unconventional lectures via emails and also actively act on his examples.

Ten minutes later, we got an email:
“Thanks. Are you guys really from Malaysia?”

I was so excited to get a reply from the man himself that I don’t think I noticed the peculiarity of the question, but yes I am not sure if Mr Blank would be too happy to divulge what went on in the conversation right after that email. We only quoted what we said in our email so far…. 🙂

This is where Steve posted his Piktochart 🙂

Steve Blank - Online Education featuring Piktochart

Anyway, fast forward one day (since the brief email exchange),Mr Blank joined us on our “Wall of Happiness”.

Who’s next? 🙂