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The Wonderwomen of Piktochart: A Celebration for International Women’s Day

Will Fanguy

Content Strategist | UXBooth

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we here at Piktochart wanted to do something special to celebrate the important women in our office. We strive to hire the best, most talented people to help us on our mission to make information beautiful. As a result, we get the chance to work with decades worth of experience and knowledge.

Some of the most knowledgeable people in our office are the women: 3 of our 7 team leaders are female including our CEO, Ai Ching Goh. As a company, we’re a little over 40% female, and we like to think that we do things as a company that makes us female-friendly, especially for the mothers on our team.

We support the needs of the moms in our office by encouraging them to take time off when they (or their kiddos) are in need of a little extra family time. Our office has a nursing room for moms to rest and pump if they need it. We try to send our moms home early in the afternoon (even if they want to stay and work!), and we invite kids along on our company events and retreats.

Beyond just the moms on our staff, we have women with years of experience in their respective fields. We asked them about some of their most pride-worthy achievements and got some spectacular answers. As a group, they’ve climbed mountains, built families, designed and launched some of the most popular features and templates in our product, and even presented TEDx talks!

When asked what inspires them, the answers were varied as well. Friends and family are big influences, as were other members of the Piktochart team. International icons like Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Wintour, and Martha Stewart played a role in the lives of our teammates because of what they’ve accomplished and what they stand for.

Advice and guidance were offered as well. Many of our female team members said that perseverance and “never giving up” were things that had helped them on their respective paths. Kindness, confidence, and living life to the fullest were all notions that were recommended and encouraged as well. More than anything else, the women on our team wanted people to know that love was behind their biggest accomplishments and greatest achievements. If they could offer nothing else, they wanted everyone to recognize the importance of loving yourself and the opportunities and motivation the love offers.

We took the best advice and inspiration our female teammates had to offer and compiled it here. Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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