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New Theme: Text Messaging Infographic and Programming Workshop Poster

This week, the world rejoiced with the recognition of a worthy Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio! We thought it’d be great to reward you as well, since you’re just as worthy in our hearts… but funding 5 million Oscar trophies prove to be an impossible challenge. Nevertheless, we have three new templates this week instead, specially just for you! Check out our new infographic and poster templates:

10 Text Messaging Facts Infographic

How much do you know about text messaging? Our new PRO infographic template uncovers that with ten astounding facts, all backed up with visuals and charts. This template is suitable for visualizing your own facts and modules, simplifying your message for a targeted audience. Start creating your own infographic with your favourite facts through this template!


Programming Workshop Poster

If you’re passionate about programming just like the geeks in the Piktochart office, this poster template is perfect for you! Easily create a detailed event poster for your workshop and share it to your guests. This template is also suitable for designing tech or digital events. We’re publishing this as a Free, so unleash your creativity and give it a go!


Minimalistic 2 Infographic

Once again, our designers has given a fresh look to one of the most used infographic template in our library. As the name goes, this template is perfect for creating a minimalistic design. The design for this template runs a neat theme by utilizing only two color palettes. Use this template to design a simple guide, or share step-by-step instructions for a topic. Try out this revamped infographic template for Free!



Wilson Moy

Wilson has been delving into the world of digital marketing in the SaaS industry since 2015. Marketing aside, he's an avid road cyclist and enjoys a good cup of coffee. Connect with Wilson on LinkedIn.

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