15 Stunning Templates To Kick Start The New Year

Welcome to January of another year!

Whether you’re shoveling snow in your driveway or sunning yourself on a beach – you might also be doing a fair amount of reflection on the year ahead.

Perhaps you’re running a marketing team and need to iron out a strategy, are in the early stages of planning a conference, or are a small business owner and need to do a full pros and cons assessment of your startup.

Whatever you’re up to, visuals are a great way to get the ball rolling and we’ve got 15 stunning templates for you to kick off the new year. Let’s get started!

SWOT Analysis

For those unfamiliar, a SWOT analysis is something businesses large and small conduct to evaluate their objectives and to also understand the internal and external factors that affect their business. ‘SWOT’ stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – and this structured analysis is helpful for anyone that’s heading up an organization, business venture, or even a project.
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Company Values

Chances are, your core values are a central building block to your company culture. It’s what you use to gauge whether new hires are in sync with your culture, and it’s also one of the defining pillars in running a happy and healthy company. One of the best things you can do when kickstarting the new year is to define, or redefine your company values. Why not do it with a visual?

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Content Marketing Audit

Content, be it your blog, social or email, is the lifeblood of your marketing strategy. And if you’re going to reach all your goals in 2018, your content marketing strategy has to be well-oiled. To get there may require a bit of a deep dive. Here at Piktochart, our marketing team also conducted an in-depth content marketing audit in 2017, and we wanted to recreate a presentation template for you to use.

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Marketing Plan

Beyond the content marketing audit is an overarching plan – which includes a SWOT analysis, target audience, mission and goals, and and user pain points. Using this presentation, you’ll be able to layout everything your marketing team needs to execute on in the coming year, as well as iron out the roles and expectations of each of your team members.

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Customer Journey

The customer journey, which starts with your customers’ first interaction with your product to the point where they decide to make a purchase, is an important one to map out. With this infographic, you’ll be able to gauge what wasn’t working in the past, what’s currently most valued by your customers, and finally – do some goal setting for the future.
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Your recruitment efforts may have been flagging in December, but they’re back in full swing come January. The new year is time to outreach to talented folks and fill the gaps in your teams. Besides a snazzy job fair poster, we’ve also created an infographic for you to lay out your open roles – and also do a bit of employer branding as well.  Time to rally the troops!
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Overview of the year ahead

You can start the year off strong if you can visualize it, which is why we created this overview presentation template. You’ll be able to present your company’s vision, provide a refresher of your company’s history, lay out some data on the competition – which should inspire and motivate your teams to move swiftly this year.
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Promoting your events

Want to hit the ground running on your event planning? Whether it’s a large-scale conference that you’re planning, a weekend hackathon, or an evening workshop – let visuals come to your aid. We’ve got a selection of printables that will aid in broadcasting your details to your target attendees.


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Whether it’s planning, reflecting, strategizing, promoting, or outreaching that you’re looking to do – visuals can help. We hope the above templates were able to lend a hand in kick starting your 2018.

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