Stress? Nah way.

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The Piktochart team from the alpha-days to the current beta version has always strived for
improvements and wanting to do better. As much as we enjoyed design and building wonderful magic
every day, quite often we stumble upon obstacles blocking our journey to success.

Dispelling the first impression of typical IT Company: cubicles, stress, white collar attires, quiet, stress,
meetings, stress… Piktochart is actually different for almost everything. Almost. Stress no doubt plays
a big role in breaking teams or individuals and has been my old enemy, however Piktochart team has a
way of releasing stress, and quite openly as well.

Individually, everyone has a unique way: some enjoy the ecstasy of loud head-banging music from our
headphones, some prefer raiding the office fridge for something to munch on (it is true that you can’t
work with an empty stomach). Taking a break and have a nice chat with colleagues also happen often
when we get frustrated and stress on our mental roadblock.

The co-founders of Piktochart who instead of spending time counting profits, actually find time to sit
down and talk with them, and for sure it is not always about work-related topics. Most important thing
during these talks: they listen. I personally feel that the better thing than finding the remedy for stress is
disperse it before it was starting to build up.

There are many things that Piktochart do things differently. We occasionally do group activities,
sometimes quite silly stuff. Meeting room tables were used more for card games and T-shirt painting
rather than its original purpose. All in all, we try to bring in the fun factor to combat stress and pressure,
and we like to keep it at high tempo. Bring in a PS3 or some other fun stuff and we will have ourselves a

Note from editor: What is funny is we did bring in a Wii console into the office right after he suggested it via this post. Thank you!

A post contributed by Wei Jian, a developer and Piktochart evangelist.