Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

One of the keys to sharing a great idea is communicating it clearly and getting your point across to them. Here at Piktochart, our goal is to help you communicate your ideas effectively and beautifully – because every idea matters!

With that in mind, our new infographic and presentation templates this week will help you present your ideas to your audiences in a visually appealing way. First, we have a new infographic template to help visualize your strategic plan, followed by a presentation template to compare the differences between your ideas. Learn more below:

Strategic Plan Infographic

If you’ve been looking to pitch an idea using an infographic, this is the template for you! Our new PRO infographic template helps you create a minimalist design for your plans. It’s also suitable for summarizing a plan, project report, or anything to do with hard data. Take your pitching to the next level with this beautiful template!


Extrovert vs Introvert Presentation

Last week, we introduced an infographic template to help you effectively make a comparison between two ideas. Now, we’re introducing a new PRO presentation template to help showcase the differences between your ideas in an understandable way! If you need an extra hand in designing your comparison ideas, check out our design guide to do just that.