Stanislava Andreeva

Content Marketing Specialist | Mindvalley

March has come to a beautiful end and so have our 3rd anniversary celebrations. As we are gearing up for the most optimistic of all seasons: Her Majesty Spring, we would like to share a few positive highlights of the past month at Piktochart.

Did you take part in the celebration in March?

A good number of teachers reached out to us for our 3rd anniversary education giveaway. A big thank you to all the enthusiastic teachers who submitted videos telling us why they would like to use Piktochart in the classroom. See a playlist with some of the videos here. We are excited to provide them with that opportunity and are giving them all free Pro memberships to use with their students in the classroom.

Another highlight of our 3rd anniversary celebrations was an awesome yearly plans discount promo that was running on each Friday throughout March. Many of you were excited to get a yearly Pro for a significantly reduced cost and we hope that the Pro features will enrich your work and visual productivity for the year to come.

Some improvements you should take note of:

Our blog content has been powered up as our team of writers grew. A new blog article now gets published almost every day. Stay tuned for some great content to guide you and keep you inspired with your infographic making process. The newsletters we send out every week have been touched up and glossed up and are now looking better than ever. You can enter your email address below if you want to receive our news in your mail box.

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We also hosted our first webinar this month with more coming up in the months to follow. And this is just the beginning of a great year ahead and we are excited for what the future holds in store for us.

Last but not least….

Keep an eye out for more awesome updates soon! We wanted to present this cute infographic that tells our story briefly. We hope you enjoy it as much as our designers took a nostalgic trip down the past 3 years at Piktochart while designing it!