Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

Dear Piktochartees,

We are taking longer than WE expected on Version 2. There is a great quote that rings clearly now to us: When you think that your development is going to take x amount of time, double it and then add 2 more months. We thought that development for Version 2 was going to take 4 months, so let’s say that the supposed launch for Version 2 would be in 9 months since March 2012 –> December!!

Anyhow, we have been working hard behind the scenes and we wanted to give you a sneak peek into Version 2. You can then judge whether we have been taking your comments/suggestions/feedbacks not just into our ears, but also hearts and minds since we are now implementing whatever you have requested for.

Community request #1 : Make Icons/Images Accessible In All Themes

Wish granted! You do not need to upload custom icons. You do not need to download an icon from a particular theme and then re-upload it in another. The reason why we did not implement this earlier was because of loading time. The more icons we inserted into the app, the longer it takes to load one theme.

Community request #2: Move an Entire Section Easily.

In Version 1, you would have to select multiple icons while holding on to the SHIFT key and then Grouping them. In Version 2, you can just move an entire block up, down, wherever you like!

Community request #3: Make Infographics Interactive.

We have been trying hard at making things interactive. The charts are now interactive (*big wink*), hyperlinks are enabled in the HTML export (*another big wink*) and we are also introducing a brand new feature that we hope would rock your socks off!

Community request #4: Better controls at data visualization.

We have added things in like legend, easier customization to do with colors, axis labels and positioning of legends. Everything is at your finger tips.

Community request #5: Auto save and a general horde of UI changes.

Wish granted and as a sneak peek suggests, this is the brand new UI you will be playing with in just about 1-2 months’ time.

Piktochart V2 Sneak Peek

Are you excited or what? We are working super hard at making all of the above come true (and more) so please stay tuned. Version 1 will be kept running indefinitely as it is really a different platform from Version 2. Meanwhile, we would like to hear from you and create the AWESOMEST presentations/infographics ever using Piktochart.

Team @ Piktochart