Select a Viral Topic for Your Infographic

Visual content is on rise and so are infographics. If you are a blogger or a marketing manager there is a high chance you have created an infographic or are seriously thinking of using it in the near future. You can easily complement an existing blogpost by creating a summary infographic.

But what if you are starting from a blank page with the haunting question of “what shall I write about today”?

Where to look for a hot topic?

We strongly advise you not to create an infographic on a general (“What is Facebook?”) or over-commented topic since it will get lost in the sea of “oh, I have already seen enough of infographics about X”. There are a lot of infographics out there, and even if you have great design, your content is the one that will stand out and bring you traffic.

There is little point in creating an infographic for the sake of creating one. The focus should lie on creating a memorable visual presentation of the information that you have. We suggest to bring up a niche topic, be it a different angle into the common issue or a hot trend. The latter especially is promising to bring likes, shares and new readers (of course, other factors influence the results).

So how to find the hot trends?

1. Google Trends


Bringing the latest trends in Google searches to your monitor. You can view global search trends or explore them country by country. The map on the right will help you to compare the popularity of a keyword across different countries, while the line chart reveal any changes over time (multiple keyword comparison is also possible!).

2. Twitter Trends


Besides being a great tool for conversations and interesting link discovery (make use of both ‘follow’ and ‘list’ functions!), Twitter provides a Top 10 list of hashtags and topics that are hot worldwide or a selected location (you can choose a country or city). Besides the general hot lists, Twitter offers something called Tailored Trends, an algorithm that offers more personalized trend list based on your location and who you follow. The ‘Discover’ tab also could be useful to explore what is happening.

3. Google+


In your ‘Home’ menu look for ‘What’s hot?’. It will show you most popular posts, hashtags and keywords. Who said Google+ is not alive?

4. Feedly


Use Feedly or any other RSS aggregator as a one stop place to review what’s happening in your industry, from websites you like and trust.

5. LinkedIN Pulse


Similarly to Feedly, it brings the relevant content tailored to your professional interests, via LinkedIN home feed and email, as well as Pulse app.

6. StumbleUpon


‘Trending’ tab brings you the hottest websites, pictures and videos to the tips of your fingers. Browsing slowly (i.e. hitting that “Stumble” button might be a less effective tool to catch something hot but you might discover great reads along your journey nonetheless. Indicate a general topic you want to explore and dive in.

Where do you look for a viral infographic topic? Start creating today with Piktochart’s infographic maker and access our gallery of pre-made infographic templates.

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