Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

At Piktochart, we have a work-hard-and-play-just-as-hard culture. With April Fools and Easter here, our designers had to work twice as hard to party for both celebrations! So here you go — we have these two seasonal celebration posters here for you, along with two more infographics about productivity and business. Find out more below:

Easter Poster

It’s Easter weekend! Did you know Easter signifies new life and the beginning of the spring season in Europe? Right in time for this celebration, our new PRO poster template pairs a simple layout with a colorful background, resulting in a beautiful yet minimalistic design. Create an event poster for your family and friends with this template!


April Fools Poster

April Fools is coming up by the end of the week, and we’re not missing out! Use this PRO poster template to create a fun and whacky poster using puns or funny sentences to make someone’s day. Better still, get your poster out to your friends by sharing it on social media.

Here’s a pro tip for using this template: Create a shadow for your sentences by duplicating your sentence block and changing it to a darker color. Then, arrange for it to be sent to the back of the original sentence block and adjust it to create your preferred shadow style. Use this tip to make your sentences stand out!

Piktochart-April Fool-Poster

7 Steps of Success Infographic

This infographic visualizes tips for Internet of Things (IoT) success from the panelists at an event known as Social Media Week. It’s a great infographic design example if you need to portray tips or guides to a certain topic and make it easy to understand. Use this PRO infographic template to create your infographic for topics related to business or entrepreneurship.


Office Productivity Infographic

Inspired by Neil Patel’s article about office productivity, we designed an infographic to visualize the takeaways from the article. Uncover the steps to create an optimal workspace focused on increasing productivity through this infographic. This PRO infographic template is also suitable for visualizing step-by-step guides for any topic. Give it a try!