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The sessions were electric. Especially when the contributors to Ruby, Rails and other open source projects were speaking. You could feel the sense of awe and starstruck-ness when the Ruby heroes took to the stage. The presentations ranged from the very technical to the very basic. There was even some abstract, next level stuff.

RedDot Ruby Conference 2014 is a tech conference with a difference. Or perhaps, it is the perfect example of a tech conference – as they should be.

Tech conferences of late has been about networking. Bring a stack of business cards, dress your best, practise your 60 second pitch. Who knows – you may meet your dream investor, right?

We think not.

All Hail Ruby

Red Dot Ruby conference stood out for us because people were they because they love Ruby! Not just any Ruby, not Ruby the Receptionist who’s ad we came across while writing this… But Ruby the programming language. And if you’re still going huh, please educate yourself =)

So there were 350 of us Ruby geeks gathered for the two day event at the Biopolis in Singapore. It was an event to exchange Ruby tips and learnings. There were 28 speakers at the conference covering the Ruby bases. And then there were also exhibitions (we were one of them), for companies who used Ruby to set up and talk about what they do.

No. I won’t even attempt to tell you about it…

Aaron Patterson (this guy, here on the left, with the beard) was on fire. When he spoke, a hush filled the auditorium. The audience was completely silent and alert hanging on his every word. And his was the last presentation of the conference – when everyone was likely tired from the two day geek fest. He is a real inspiration. A Ruby God.

Ruby Love

The Ruby community is one built on love. Love for the developers, for the language, and for its purpose. As Matz puts it:

“For me, the purpose of life is, at least partly, to have joy. Programmers often feel joy when they can concentrate on the creative side of programming, so Ruby is designed to make programmers happy.”
– Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto (chief designer of the Ruby language)

And love it was…

The Aftermath

It definitely feels like there is a renewed drive to do better, to contribute by writing the best Ruby code of our careers. It was almost spiritually invigorating. We’re all just normal people, trying to do good. The conference brought us all together – Ruby geeks trying to do the divine good.

Spot the Ruby Geeks – taken from Nestor Pestelos’s Flickr. Click through to see more.

We’re definitely looking forward to next year’s. Meanwhile, we have some coding to do.

Fun fact #1: We met a female attendee named Ruby! Can’t imagine the Ruby jokes which got thrown her way…
Fun fact #2: No, Ruby on Rails was not named a party drug.

Read more about the RedDotRuby Conference from The Man who made it all happen: Winston reviews Ruby. Thanks Bro.