12/2019 Release: Introducing Charts Makeover

Data presentation comes in different shapes and sizes. One of the most common ways to visualize it is by use of charts, graphs or diagrams. 

We have now refreshed the look and behavior of charts in our online design app to make your design experience even better. You can also explore them on the go by signing up and selecting a template! Here’s what changed:

  • Responsiveness of the plot area

If the X-axis contains many labels, they will now automatically rotate by 45 degrees to prevent overlapping. Long labels will be truncated.

tableau rotate axis labels
  • Arrangement and display of data labels in the downloaded visual

The new labels will now take up less space and will include font size responsiveness depending on the size of the chart in order to minimize overlaps with larger values. This will result in better readability and overall improved design of your visual.

optimizing data labels
  • Display of the legend

We have now improved the overall appearance of the legend and fixed its alignment.

optimizing charts legend, charts makeover
  • Tooltips

Tooltips got a makeover too! Their styling is now more appealing and they’re more intuitive.

interactive charts, chart makeover

Please note that as of 31 March 2020, all old charts will be updated automatically and we will not be able to support old charts moving forward. 

To learn what else changed about charts and to find out if you need to take any actions, please read this Support Article.

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