Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

A few minor additions this week in addition to the Google Docs plugin that we just added:

A) Font Preview

A lot of users have recommended that Piktochart got a font preview feature so that it was much easier to preview the fonts before selecting them and it should be live now, looking like this.

font preview piktochart

B) Custom width for Canvas

We previously restricted users to 600 px, 800 px and 1280 px width. Now there is also an option to extend the width although it is less recommended as that adds blank space to the right of the canvas.

customize canvas width size

C) Snap to guide

If you would like to align your objects according to a ruler-like accuracy, worry no more! The snap to guide button helps you to either align the objects to super accuracy or if you do not care/mind, you can also turn it off.

snap to guide button

So if you clicked on “snap to guide”, gridlines like these one in the bottom screenshot will appear to help you align objects.

snap to guide grids on piktochart

To find out more about what’s been released in the previous week, please read this post.