Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

Hi all

We have been working on some important enhancements for the editor and platform. We’ll be releasing them week by week. For this week, we have a new update of Dragging images from the desktop into the editor for images to get uploaded.

drag and drop to upload image

We will still be improving on this but for now, you can check it out.

Separately, you may also notice that we have a simple line tool in the menu. You can have dashed or solid line, with various thickness. We will be making some more improvements on this line tool in the near future.

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 8.40.44 AM

Let us know what you think! More things coming your way, Piktochartees.

Separately, we are also attending the #WebSummitHQ. Will you be there? See you soon!