02/2020 Release: The Design Components, Instagram Templates, and More!

We’re excited to share the release of three awesome updates within Piktochart. You could explore them on the go by creating an account for free!

Here are the details:

Grouped Objects Customization

Prior to this release, in order to change anything within grouped objects, you first had to ungroup the elements and work with individual items from that group. With this release, you will now be able to edit these items (change an object’s color, position, size, etc.) without having to ungroup the object. Simply double click on any of the elements from the group and then customize it to your liking.

The Design Components

Thanks to this feature, you will now be able to work independently with smaller design elements such as Lists, Timelines, and Comparisons. These design elements are grouped objects which have been carefully put together by our designers to help you create specific designs more efficiently. You will be able to include them in any of your chosen visuals and customize them to your needs.

Here’s the snapshot:

The Design Components

To find out more about this feature, visit our Support Article.

Brand New Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram Stories are a quick and easy way to get updated on what’s happening right now with the people and brands you follow. They offer a fun suite of tools for engaging with your friends, fans, and followers in the moment. 

With Piktochart’s newest Instagram Stories templates, boosting your profile has never been easier. Quick and easy to customize, they will allow you to create your social media updates in a fun and engaging way. 

Instagram Story Templates

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