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Hi everyone!

TWO New Charts

Exciting updates this week… 2 new charts on which are available to both free and Pro users. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Triangular bar charts
Theme used: Black Friday Sale (id: 181)
triangular bar charts

Progress charts
progress bar chart on piktochart infographics

A4 Tickers for Printable Size

Next, users have been requesting to know exactly where the infographic gets cut off for A4 print. You will see “dotted lines” on your infographic when you have reached the borders of the next page. All of the pages have been resized to the most common paper size which is A4.

Notice the dotted line below. That denotes the border between 2 pages.
Dotted lines creating an infographic for printable sizes on piktochart

As a web app, it’s not often easy to find fonts that are free for commercial use. We managed to get a list of the below. Hope you like them!

Easier to update blocks

Hope this makes sense to you. Check out the left “Edit layout” buttons as well as the new buttons that get you to take a tutorial and contact us (for troubleshooting/feedback purposes).

New interface infographic. it's so easy to create infographics with piktochart.