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Product Update: View Piktochart Infographics on iPad

Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

After a few months of development, we are proud to announce that Piktochart is now available as an app on iPad. It is also our first step towards infographics on mobile devices.

Good day!

Check out the app on iTunes or you can find us by searching ‘Piktochart’ on your iPad’s App Store to download it for FREE. If you already have a Piktochart account on your computer, you can log in to your existing account on the iPad to view your saved Piktocharts.

At the moment, the app allows you to view your saved infographics, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. The ‘Featured Piktochart’ section is also available on the iPad version, so you can check out some cool looking infographics made by fellow Piktocharters. This makes viewing and sharing your Piktochart much more convenient – all you need to bring around is a iPad to show your attractive infographics to the world!

We are making big steps to improve our user experience when using Piktochart, particularly infographics for viewing and presentation will be mobile friendly. There is much discussion about building an editor for the iPad version, however we are going to keep this one a secret for now! 😉

Please share with us your feedback on the Piktochart app on iPad at info[at]piktochart.com.

PIktochart iPad