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Product Update: Subscribe with Direct Card Payments

Harrison Niap

Growth Hacker | Piktochart

It’s going to be a great week for you if you’ve been wanting to subscribe to Piktochart’s LITE or PRO plans – we’ve just integrated a new payment gateway to allow direct card payments on our site! This means a lot to some of our users who represent companies to sign up for a PRO plan, but have encountered complications due to PayPal not supporting recurring billings without a PayPal account.

But first, a disclaimer!

Good news for customers, but not bad news for free users. :)

Moving on..

Braintree is a payments solution provider acquired by PayPal in 2013. The major pain point for our users in the past when transacting through PayPal is that they were not able to purchase recurring subscriptions for our LITE and PRO plans without having to create a PayPal account. This is especially relevant to corporate users who preferred to pay directly with their company credit card instead of through a PayPal account.

With Braintree integrated to Piktochart’s checkout process, it only takes 30 seconds to subscribe to a LITE or PRO plan using your desired credit card directly on our site as opposed to PayPal’s more lengthy process. In overall, it effectively provides our users a fast, simple, and convenient checkout experience.

If you’re wondering how it works with the new checkout process, here’s a simple walkthrough:

1) You start from the pricing page! Choose the plan you want, LITE or PRO, monthly or annual.

Head to our pricing page at magic.piktochart.com/pricing

2) After you press “Get It Now”, the payment window will appear. Here, just input your credit card information. Our checkout process has been designed to be simple and convenient; no complicated fields to fill in.

Enter your card details to make the payment

3) After you’ve filled in your card information (and double-checked your chosen plan), press pay. It’s that simple!

After you’ve successfully completed your payment, you’ll be redirected to a page that confirms your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an existing paying user, you might have a few questions in mind. Let’s clear up the mist of confusion, shall we?

1) How secure is this new checkout option?

This direct card payment checkout option is possible due to integrating Braintree’s payment solution. Braintree offers advanced fraud protection features and tools, provides a secure environment and is PCI 3.0 compliant.

2) Where can I access my payment settings and information?

You can do so in the Plans & BIllings tab under your Account Settings. The tab will contain information regarding which plan you are currently subscribed to, your card that is currently on subscription, your payment history, and you can download PDF invoices as well. Braintree helps store your card information very securely in an encrypted form, so that you can conveniently choose your existing cards when making future payments on Piktochart. We do not store your card information on our servers. Read here for information on Braintree’s security infrastructure.

3) How does this new payment update affect me if I’m an existing paying user?

If you’re happy with your subscription plan, don’t worry – it’s not going to affect you in anyway, as our existing payment options are still available. However, if you look forward to change payment options (eg: from PayPal to direct card payment) while maintaining the same plan, you would have to manually cancel your existing subscription and re-subscribe using the method portrayed earlier in this article.

4) How does this new payment update affect me if I’m a FREE user and have no plans to pay?

You are advised to carry on dancing in the meadows, singing like nobody’s watching, or whatever you usually do when something does not affect your everyday life. Seriously though, it’s alright – you won’t be affected. Free users can use Piktochart free forever, so don’t panic!

That’s it! We’re hopeful that the simplified checkout process gives you a good paying experience, and if we’ve managed to solve any recurring billing complications or PayPal restrictions on your end, it’s truly our pleasure!