Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

We have long known that our users want to create not only infographics, but also presentation materials, reports and simple visual assets. For this week’s product update, we have introduce new formats on the themes page for an added dimension to your designing experience on Piktochart.

Screen Shot - Formats - Report

In addition to the current Infographic format, we’ve now added Report, Posters and Presentation. When you’re logged in Piktochart, you’ll be prompted to choose a format before selecting your theme. This would help our users who are, for example creating presentation materials. Our presentation-ready themes lets users focus on inputting content rather than adjusting the blocks to manually convert an infographic into presentation slides.


Pictured above is Piktochart’s Squarry2 theme in (left to right) presentation, poster and report format.

Our hardworking designers deserve a lot of credit in this week’s product update as they have converted almost 200 themes into 4 different formats. They are still hard and work and barely completed yet, so please bear with us.

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