Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

At Piktochart, we have one objective: make infographic making easy. To this end, we have improved the Piktochart editor user interface.

It’s currently available for Beta testing so may not be working perfectly yet. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to change to the new user interface (UI) in full.

To try on the new skin for size, log into Magic.Piktochart. Click on ‘Try The New Editor Here’ at the top right corner for a look at the new UI. You will be redirected to the new interface. Remember to save your work in progress before redirecting. This is what it currently looks like with the button:

piktochart v3 editor

This is what the new UI looks like:

piktochart v4 editor

Adding new objects onto the infographic canvas is easier now as the Icons, Text, Background, Tools are always available at the right toolbar. The properties bar which appears at the top when you click on any Text, Icons or Charts has been simplified so you won’t be bombarded with too many unnecessary buttons. Saving an infographic just takes one click.

And if you feel you more more time to adjust to the new interface, you can always click on ‘Take Me Back’ to be return to the old version.

Do let us know your thoughts of the new UI. Your feedback is incredibly important to us at this stage so feel free to drop us a line any way you like.