Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

After we updated the Piktochart editor with a much simpler and effective UI, we turned our attention to other pages so users have a better overall infographics making experience. So this week, we brought changes to the layout. This new layout boasts a new Login page, Themes, Saved Infographics, and Output page.

Piktochart new login page

First of all, we have remove the clutter from the previous login page and made it simple and straightforward.

Piktochart new theme page

After logging in, you will notice the themes page design has been revamped. Simply mouse over any theme design and you will see two buttons: Preview and Create.

Piktochart themes preview

The ‘Preview’ opens up the full sample infographic in preview mode. You can browse through other infographics by click the navigation left/right arrows at both ends, or search for other infographics on the menu to the right.

Piktochart New Saved Infographics page

The Saved Piktocharts page received the most update. Infographics are now categorised into draft, public, shared and private. You can now search them according to their categories. When you mouseover a saved infographic, you are now given one-click access to edit, preview, open in a new page (must be published first), publish or un-publish it, and even change its publish settings.

Piktochart Saved Infographics Manage View

You can also switch to ‘Manage View’ to show your saved infographics in a list; the button is at the top right corner on your screen. It is now possible to select multiple infographics and delete them. This provides you an efficient way of managing your infographics privacy settings and retrieving the infographic URL without going into the editor.

Piktochart New Output page

The infographic HTML or Output page also received a design makeover. We hope these changes will make your infographic design experience more pleasant.

More updates to come!