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Product Update: Improved Presentation Experience

While Piktochart is capable of creating infographics materials that are suitable to bring into presentation room, it would be even better if you can save the hassle of downloading it into image then paste it in the slides, and just present your infographic directly on Piktochart.

To present an infographic, you will have to publish it in HTML version to get the infographic URL; this link will open up a new page of your infographic and the ‘Enter Presentation Mode’ is conveniently available at the top right corner. We have made some UI changes to improve your presentation experience.

Present Professionally


Firstly, Entering the presentation mode will automatically switch your browser into full-screen mode and it will turn off when you exit the presentation. Presentation Mode UI is given a little makeup to be less obtrusive; it will auto hide itself and only appear when you mouse over the top section of your screen.

You will also notice the ‘Expand to fit’ option. This new improvement will now automatically calculates your browser size and scale the infographic to its best fit. Unchecking this option will shrink the infographic back to its original size.

Here’s a comparison between before ‘Expand to fit’ and after.

screen-shot-2014-06-05-at-2-37-54-pm-1024x591-2558380 screen-shot-2014-06-05-at-2-39-23-pm-1024x634-4811930

Do take note that it calculates both infographic block’s height and width, therefore if you have a thin infographic block e.g. 800px width and 200px height, the block will cover the entire screen. We recommend that you use our ready made infographics in Presentation format as these are scaled proportionately (specifically 4:3 ratio) so it fits to most screen resolution.

Lastly, you can navigate through the presentation slides on Piktochart using keyboard shortcuts as well. Navigate your slides using the Left/Right Arrow keys and press Esc to exit presentation.

Line Tool

We understand many users want to draw lines on their infographic, but we notice huge spike of ‘line’ and ‘lines’ keyword searches in the Icons section. Piktochart provides a line tool which is accessible via ‘Tools‘ >> ‘Line‘ but some users didn’t realise this and it is an inconvenience.

A small tooltip is now added to show users where is the Line tool when they search for it.


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