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Product Update: Google Fonts

“… web fonts… are essentially the typographic equivalent of music streaming services. Spotify removes the need for a hard drive full of mp3s by transferring audio directly over the internet. Web fonts do the same for a hard drive full of fonts. Quartz, for example, uses PT Serif for its body text. You probably don’t have PT Serif installed on your computer or phone, but you can see it anyway. That’s because your web browser downloads the font automatically.

Hello guys! I’m Swallow and I take care of the graphics library – all the icons and images, including… fonts!

Typeface is something which we’re passionate about. Everyone (especially our own designers) have their favourite fonts, most hated fonts, and most used fonts. And we know how important fonts are to design, and their ability to stir emotions.

Up til recently we only have about 56 fonts in our Piktochart library. Not anymore! We’re happy to announce that we have just released 41 new fonts you can design your infographics with on Piktochart! Try them out right away by signing up for free and customizing a template.

Yes, 41 new fonts!

These fonts are rather special though. They are Google fonts. What’s the difference you may ask? *deep breaths* Here goes!

Desktop vs Web Fonts

We start from a time back in the day, before everyone had internet and all the fancy things you could do with it. Back then, if you wanted to create a document with fancy script, you had to install the font into your computer. This is known as Desktop Fonts or System Fonts. They sit on your desktop or computer system and never leave. Once you’ve installed this font on your computer, you can use it in any application that runs fonts from your system’s font library — think Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and more.

And then you’ve got Web fonts.
The reason you (dear reader) are able to use fonts which are not installed on your computer is because Piktochart hosted them.

We have the files which make the 56 fonts appear. They live on our servers. When you design your infographics on our app, the fonts which are hosted on our servers translates pretty onto your web browser. You don’t need to host these font files on your computer anymore – they are now in our Piktochart servers for you to use.

Really cool – but not good enough for us. Which brings us to…

Google fonts!

Google fonts is a directory of web fonts hosted by Google. Using Google fonts makes adding fonts into our library a lot easier. And that’s the story behind this jumbo addition of new fonts!

Nikhil Sonnad explain web fonts simply:

His article is titled “How Fonts Reveal the Many New Users of the Internet”. It is quite a good read

… and perhaps a hint of things to come?

Meanwhile, enjoy your 97 fonts! I hope we’ve included your favourite font.

I know mine is…!

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