Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

Being a company that is passionate about infographics, Piktochart is also interested in sharing awesomely created infographics to our users. While we actively promote nice, well-thought out infographics on our Facebook page, we want to create a centralised location where we can actively share Piktochartees’ infographics.

Introducing… Featured Piktocharts

Piktochart Featured Gallery

Featured Piktocharts is a gallery hosting infographics created by Piktochart users only. We believe in the spirit of sharing information through infographics. So through Featured Piktocharts, we want to shed the image that Piktochart is only for “designing infographics easily”. We have a team of well-trained ninjas who will hunt down good-looking infographics and feature them in the gallery. These infographics are not restricted to any topics, save for certain sensitive issues (privacy policy details in here); we also will not feature infographics which contain confidential data. Rest assured that your company reports are safe for your eyes only. If you’re hoping for a chance to be featured, do make sure that your infographic is publish as ‘Public’. Piktochart Infographic Publish Public

New Theme: FIFA World Cup 2014

This week’s new theme features a football field, a tournament knockout table, and hundreds other new icons. The FIFA World Cup is a month long tournament where football teams from 32 countries compete to be the world’s best football team. This new theme is suitable for football analysis and tournament chart table, but you can get creative with it too. The best part is this theme is available to ALL Piktochart usersOlé, Olé, Olé!

Piktochart World Cup 2014