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Product update: Masking Tool, Background Images, PDF Export!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We wanted to let you know that we have a couple of new exciting mini-features to kickstart the year. You could get started right away by creating an account and exploring on the go.

Masking Tool

First off, we now have an icon masking tool which is quite simple to use.

You will have to hold on to the SHIFT key while selecting an icon (from Piktochart’s library) and an image (PNG, JPEG).


An icon will appear in the top menu (looking like a camera) where you are able to click in order to combine it.


If you would like to change the way this looks, you will just have to double click on that layer to resize or adjust it. Simple!


Background Images with Opacity Layer

Background images also now have opacity control.That means that you can overlay texture, wood and many other background images that we will be adding to the library with color. More flexibility, greater control!



We have also been testing the PDF feature and there were some initial concerns that we have fixed. PDF is now a Pro feature available and it renders fonts, hyperlinks, background images, charts and everything on your infographic layer so that it’s easier to print.



Also, we have improved the watermark that is used by free users on Instead of it overlaying your infographics on the bottom right, it is now on a separate layer at the bottom. These changes have been requested by users. Hope you found them useful.


Gradual improvement of user interface

You will also notice that we have changed the fonts and color scheme of the interface in a move towards a slicker user interface that would be easier to use. Please find attached screenshot of the new theme selector page.


Are you excited yet? Jump right into it by creating an account on Piktochart and accessing our presentation, report and infographic templates. We are working on some super exciting features and improvements just for you in the coming days. 

Meanwhile, how did 2013 go? What are you looking forward to in 2014? Share with us your hopes and resolutions!

Product team @ Piktochart

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