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Product Update: Charts Feature Improvement Is Now Live

There is a magic in graphs. The profile of a curve reveals in a flash a whole situation — the life history of an epidemic, a panic, or an era of prosperity. The curve informs the mind, awakens the imagination, convinces. – Henry D. Hubbard, 1939

We’re proud to present our latest improvements to the Piktochart editor’s Charts feature! This round of improvements and revamps involve many highly-anticipated features, including sorting data, resize scaling, editing aspects from chart titles to X and Y axis titles, as well as more minor improvements that will improve your overall data visualization experience.

Flexible scaling and minimum size implemented


Charts created in Piktochart will no longer be fixed to a certain aspect ratio. You can now stretch your chart to fit your design’s width or height! What’s even better is that the charts will now auto-resize (taking into account your legend and title positions) as you stretch them to ensure the quality stays and the design is maintained.

New options to personalize your chart

Some of the improvements we worked on were to allow you to edit various aspects of the chart. These new settings can be accessed by clicking on the Settings tab when editing or creating a chart, and lets you edit the following:

  • Chart title position
  • Legends position
  • Reset chart color
  • Title color
  • Text color

Take a look at the comparison between the old charts we have in the editor with the new, revamped ones that allow you to edit these details! It might not sound significant, but minor details like these make your data beautiful in ways you’d never have thought of.


New sorting function and undo/redo for charts


We’ve also implemented sorting functions for charts. You can look forward to creating more comprehensive, easily understandable and neat charts by sorting data in columns in a ascending or descending order. By right-clicking on a column, you can select a few options to sort your data:

  • Sort column A -> Z (ascending order)
  • Sort column Z -> A (descending order)
  • or Clear sort order

You can also undo or redo your sorting changes for the respective chart.

What else can I expect?

The legends and title of your charts are more seamless in your design, now that we’ve removed the static grey background for the text. If you have an empty cell that is supposed to be a header or legend, we’ll also detect that for you – the cell borders will be highlighted red to give you a reminder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the following list of FAQs if you need to have some doubts cleared up:

1) What will happen to my old charts?

Your old charts will remain just the way they are (cue Bruno Mars!). If you’d like to use the existing information in the form of the new charts, all you have to do is copy the information from the existing spreadsheet of the old chart to a new one.

2) How would this feature improvement affect Google Spreadsheet and SurveyMonkey charts?

The new sorting function as well as the settings for titles and legends will be available for charts that use imported data from Google Spreadsheet and SurveyMonkey. However, the cell values are still non-editable, as it’s fixed according to your spreadsheet or survey results.

Let us know how these improvements are helping your data crunching duties, and till then, Happy Piktocharting!

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