Maximize Impact with 25+ Free Customizable, Printable Certificate Templates

October 28, 2023
maximize impact with 30 free customizable printable certificate templates

It’s that time of the year again – employee recognition! Gift ideas are pouring in from hampers to vacations, but hold up for one sec. We’ve got something better: a heartfelt speech of appreciation and beautiful certificates.

This article has got you covered with free customizable printable certificate templates! You can also create a free Piktochart account to access more templates, from presentations to reports to social media graphics.

Table of Contents

Types of free printable certificates and examples

Here are some ideas of free printable certificates that you can customize for your business. They’re a great way to reward and acknowledge your employees for their hard work.

  1. Certificate of excellence
  2. Certificate of participation in a program
  3. Certificate of achievement
  4. Certificate of graduation/completion
  5. Certificate of service
  6. Employee of the month certificate
  7. Certificate of appreciation
  8. Awards certificate
  9. Team appreciation
  10. Gift certificates

How to edit and customize free certificate templates

Here are 5 simple steps how you can easily create your printable certificates. You can follow along by creating a free account.

  1. To create a certificate, first select a template.
  2. Then add icons, photos, company logo or other elements to personalize it.
  3. Upload a signature on a transparent background to add a professional touch.
  4. For a cohesive brand look, modify the colors and fonts to align with your brand theme.
  5. Finally, download your certificate as a PDF file, print it OR and share the exciting news during the event! 🎉

25+ free certificate templates to get you started

1. Certificate of Excellence

certificate of excellence award template you can customize and download
Certificate of Excellence Award
template for certificate of excellence award for employees
Certificate of Excellence

2. Certificate of Participation in a Program

certificate of completion template
Certificate of Participation
certificate of participation template
Participation Certificate

3. Certificate of Achievement

certificate of achievement template
Contest Winning Certificate
certificate of achievement template
Certificate of Recognition

4. Certificate of Graduation/Completion

school certificate template
Preschool Graduation Certificate
school diploma certificate template
Pre-K Graduation Certificate
school diploma certificate template for students
Kindergarten Diploma
course certificate template
Instructional Design Certificate
camp certificate template you can customize download and print
Summer School Certificate of Completion
course certificate template you can customize download and print
Certificate of Completion

5. Certificate of service

internship certificate template you can customize download and print
Certificate of Service

6. Employee of the month certificate

employee of the month award certificate template
Employee of the Month Certificate
certificate of recognition template with customizable logo and fonts
Employee of the Month

7. Certificate of Appreciation

editable certificate of appreciation template for company
Certificate of Appreciation
editable certificate of appreciation template
Modern Certificate of Appreciation
certificate of appreciation template
Appreciation Certificate for Employee

8. Awards Certificate

award certificate template
Awards Certificate

9. Team Appreciation

editable certificate of recognition template
Employee of the Month Award
editable certificate of achievement template
Certificate of Achievement

10. Gift Certificates

editable dining gift certificate template
Dinner Gift Certificate
editable hair saloon gift certificate template
Hair Salon Gift Certificate
editable golf certificate template
Golf Gift Certificate
customizable teachers day gift card template
Teacher’s Day Gift
example of spa gift card template with images
Spa Gift Card
gift certificate template with customizable images and logos
Photography Gift Certificate

We’ve just gone through a bunch of awesome, free customizable, printable certificate templates that will help you save time in your certificate creation journey.

Whether you’re honoring education accomplishments, business achievements, or personal milestones, these customized certificates serve as a versatile tool to make those moments of acknowledgment truly memorable.

So why not kick things up a notch and make your recognition game a real standout occasion? Try these templates out today and watch your celebrations go from meh to marvelous! 😎

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Natasya Sunarto