Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

Spring is in the air and as the smell of fresh flowers begins to permeate the atmosphere, we’re delighted to introduce new templates to set your mood right for this season.

This week, we have one new stunning poster to help make your spring garage sale stand out! Besides that, there’s a new infographic template about the highly-anticipating Coachella festival, followed by a comparison infographic between an extrovert and introvert, as well as a presentation about mobile messaging statistics. Find out more below:

Spring Garage Sale Poster

Spring is knocking on our doors again — that means it’s time for another spring cleaning too! Are you running a garage sale this year? With so many garage sales happening this season, our poster template will definitely help you stand out from the crowd with this attractive design. Promote your garage sale effectively with this PRO poster template and draw the crowd to your event!


Coachella Survival Guide Infographic

The highly-anticipating Coachella music festival took place over the weekend if you’ve missed out on the hype, we’ve designed a PRO infographic template to serve as a guide for you and your friends! This template can be used to visualize a how-to guide for the festival or any other relevant topics. Design your own guide beautifully with this template!


Extrovert vs Introvert Infographic

How do you effectively make a comparison between two different ideas? Our new PRO infographic template will do just that for you! This comparison template puts extroverts and introverts side-by-side to identify differences. Easily customize the template to fit in your own ideas and present it in a simplified and understandable way! If you need extra help, check out our design guide for a comparison infographic.


Mobile Text Message Usage in USA Presentation

We turned the infographic template published last week into a PRO presentation template to help you create a fresh and fun looking presentation! Simplify your data and present it in a more visually appealing manner. With an attractive presentation as such, you’ll definitely capture your audience’s attention easily!