PODCAST: Do Semi-Distributed Teams Work?

Most of us have, at one point in our lives, sat in a cubicle for eight hours a day, five days a week and wondered — I’m not sure if one size fits all. Maybe you’re not at your most productive at nine in the morning, or you work better in the crisp silence of your home office. Either way, the traditional office set up is just not for you.

For many of us, work is one of the main pillars holding up our lives and it’s a key cog to developing our identity and sense of connection to the world around us. Which is why having a chance to redesign your work life is really important.

This is also why this show exists. To help you get inspired. And to also debunk the myths surrounding the future of work movement that’s quietly changing the way we live, work, and play.  

‘The Future Reworked’ is a podcast by Piktochart that’s documenting the future of work movement that’s sweeping the globe.
blogpost-1000x800-10-8376712Here on the show, you’ll learn about how companies across the globe, big and small, are allowing their people to redesign their work lives the way they see fit.

You’ll get to meet Internet entrepreneurs, digital nomad marketers, people who are leveraging technology and globalization trends to become happier and more productive.

And they’re working with companies that really get it.

Show Notes

1:42 – Piktochart on running a semi-distributed team of 60 people, 12 nationalities across 5 timezones.
2:52 – Our CEO and cofounder Ai Ching Goh’s take on the challenges that semi-distributed teams face, and building a people-focused company
3:30 – Bridging the gap between different timezones
5:30 – How Piktochart promotes a culture of fairness. What perks and benefits looks like at a semi-distributed company
6:40 – The turning point and happy accident behind how Piktochart went semi-distributed
7:49 – Empathy is the key trait that Marta, head of marketing, hires for and is essential for multi-cultural teams to work
8:48 – “Trust is the most essential trait a leader needs to have”
9:57 – Social media marketer Wilson Moy on the cultural clashes, east meets west
12:00 – Working with location-independent teammates just like having a long distance relationship
12:38 – Growing pains when balancing needs between needs of on-site and remote employees
13:49 – Not many reference points for semi-distributed teams out there in the tech world. GitHub as one example
15:41 – Different skills required for remote work and those who prefer to work in an office

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