Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

We would like to introduce one of our most recent partners: Crazy Egg.

Ever wondered what buttons or tagline attracts your website visitors the most? How far have your visitors actually scroll down the page? Crazy Egg is here to provide the information you need to know how effective is your landing page.

Piktochart PRO users who register for Crazy Egg through our partner program will get first 90 days free.

To begin using Crazy Egg, simply register an account and you will be provided with a script code which has to go into your website. Just plug the script in and wait for the data to be retrieved – it’s that simple!

The heatmap is one of the most useful tools in Crazy Egg’s application; it displays “heat signatures” on buttons or other items that tells you how many visitors have clicked on it. The more often the button is clicked, the brighter. In this example we know that ‘Gallery’ and ‘Pricing’ are some of the popular sites our visitors would check out.


Crazy Egg’s scrollmap is my favorite: it shows how far have visitors scroll down your landing page. With this tool, it is possible for us to know exactly how much information our visitors read before dropping off and we can then rearrange the content so that visitors will see the important stuff first.

crazyegg scrollmap

Watch the awesome 2 minute video on how Crazy Egg can help tell you why visitors aren’t converting as well.

Although some of the data can be retrieved through Google Analytics, it is the visual presentation that grabs attention and conveys information faster and with precision – much like Piktochart! Think of it analytics in an infographic. This is why Piktochart is crazy about building a Crazy Egg partnership!

Redeem your first 90 days of Crazy Egg today!