One Template to Rule Them All: Piktochart’s Most Versatile

By | June 20, 2017 - 5 Minutes Read

Almost all of you are on a time crunch. You’re looking for an easy-to-use, no stress tool that creates impressive visuals. While we pride ourselves on building beautiful and intuitive templates for our busy users, we know that some of you just need something done yesterday.

Which is why we’ve curated a list of some of our most versatile infographics templates for our Free and PRO users. You could be a marketer, business owner, educator — anyone under the sun — we’ve got you covered.

Business Basic

This is your standard, run of the mill template that is more flexible than an Olympic gymnast. The graphics are suitable for a business presentation, but in the same vein, are also casual enough for you to touch on fun or inspirational topics.

This is a very easy-to-use template because it has five different sections that you can duplicate or delete to adjust to your needs. It also includes two and three columns blocks, a map, and manages to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout.

This template even includes a ‘compare and contrast’ block which allows you to pitch two ideas against each other. A pros and cons list springs to mind.

We call this template the “Business Basic” because it works for every possible business scenario. Plus, if blue-gray-white tones don’t excite you, feel free to jazz up the template with our newly-minted color scheme feature!

Click here to use Business Basic.

Startup Basic

Need something more inspirational? Our ‘startup basic’ template should do the trick. This super versatile template channels the agile startup spirit, and offers a mix of beautiful stock imagery and graphics to keep your audience’s interest piqued.

This template was made with startup projects in mind, as most are in need of an infographic of visual to showcase their product or business. It has a few different blocks that you can use with big images or icons. It also works with no more than three colors, so it will be easy to you to change the colors while staying consistent with the color scheme.

Like the ‘business basic’ template, we’ve also included a ‘compare and contrast block.
This template also prompts you to avoid the repetitive layout trap by flipping blocks around which is a useful design trick that you can add to your arsenal for future creations.

Click here to use Startup Basic.

Education Basic

We went bright and shiny for our ‘education basic’ template, which we also consider one of our most versatile templates ever. The colors and graphics are tailored towards the learning environment, but if oranges and yellows strike your fancy — you can use this template for any presentation purpose.

This template was made to be used in school projects, but it works for other scenarios as well. The color scheme is kept to only three colors, so it’ll be easy for you to change them as you see fit. Like “Startup Basic” and “Business Basic,” this template has different blocks that you can duplicate or delete depend on the kind of content you have planned.

As always, the compare and contrast is available and dressed up with quirky graphics that can be swapped out easily.

Click here to use Education Basic.

Minimalist 2

For those of you that firmly believe “less is more,” we’ve created a template for our users that believe in the minimalist approach. It’s ideal for text heavy content and intended for those that don’t have the time to do much design modifications.

This template is one of the simplest and easy-to-use templates. It only has one color, which is easy to change. It also has three sections, including a timeline block that you can use to present basic information. Remember, blocks can be duplicated as needed!

The template is versatile in the way that you’ll be able to communicate a lot of ideas within a single block. With this template, you can present data in a bar graph, and relay your four-step process — all within a turquoise monochromatic theme.

Click here to use Minimalist 2.

Business Pro

Welcome to a ramped up, more extensive version of the ‘business basic’ template! For those that need to make a lengthier business presentation, this template might be the one to choose. It runs on a mild, three-toned color scheme mixing graphics and stock imagery. It’s sleek and functional and will fit any text-heavy business presentation.


This template is minimalistic, serious and professional. It was made with professional business’ look and feel in mind. It includes no more than three colors, which helps with staying consistent to a single color scheme. It also has different sized blocks that can be easily modified depending on the content you’d like to include. It also offers a comparison block along with a full-sized image to conclude your presentation.

Users of this template will have slightly more flexibility than the ‘business basic’ template as it offers ways present more information within one block. While the basic template includes ways to present just three points, the PRO version gives you five. See below for an example.

Click here to use Business Pro.

Roadmap Basic

Based on the template name, one can infer that this is meant to be a “roadmap” presentation of sorts, but this template is as flexible as they come! The graphics suggest that the presentation could be about things like: transport, logistics, city building, product roadmapping, travel — anything goes.

This template works very well in a timeline format, and is useful if you need to explain any kind of timely process and the steps required to reach your goal. It has two different blocks that you can duplicate, if you need to extend your timeline.

This template also allows for a bit of data visualization without having to make too many adjustments in the design. Bar graphics not your thing? You can easily swap in one of our 10+ charts and graphics (triangle, line, dot, pie, we’ve got ‘em all!) to better tell your story.

Click here to use Roadmap Basic.

Technology Basic

Are you giving a data-packed presentation related to digital trends? This is definitely your template. And it certainly doesn’t need to be pigeonholed into just “technology” topics either. If your presentation is related to digital trends, whether it’s consumer electronics or online marketing, this template will work.

Or maybe you’re trying to present your re-branding strategy, which will encompass a website revamp? That will also fly.

Contrasted and analog colors work well with this template. It has several kinds of blocks that you’ll be able to duplicate in order to customize the template depending on content. Graphics and maps are easy to tweak, and you’ll be working with no more than four colors which allows for consistency in the color scheme.

This very flexible PRO template also allows for a fair amount of data visualization, so you’ll be able to back up your argument with facts and figures. See below for an example of this.

Click here to use Technology Basic.

Versatility is the Name of This Game

Our design team strives to create templates that serve your communication and storytelling needs. The list that you’ve just perused are some of our most customizable, but we also work on catering to very specific purposes  whether it’s an infographic about Game of Thrones of the world’s top five economies.

We’re always adding new templates as per our user requests, so feel free to reach out to us to submit your ideas.

Until then, happy Piktochart-ing!