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Enter our weekly ‘Summer Giveaway’ to win a free 1-year Pro plan and a $20 Amazon gift card.  Smells Like Summer.001

June has arrived and the smell of summer is in the air. As dusty barbecues get unstacked and deck chairs start to fill up the landscape, long Sunday picnics are due. If this hasn’t got you hyped up for summer yet, wait until you hear about our giveaway. 

Of course, to enjoy summer does not mean that you should be doing less work than in the rest of the time. We simply want to encourage you to do your work more joyously because of all the joy that summer brings. Why not grab your laptop and work outside or in an open-air cafe? Here at Piktochart, we believe that working should be fun for anyone just like it is for us. To celebrate the warm months and make work more awesome and fun this summer, we will be giving out some free goodies until 28.08.2015. Take part and win some awesome prizes by just following the instructions below. 

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How to enter the weekly giveaway?

  1. Visit our Facebook page.
  2. Under the tab “Giveaway” fill in your email address and you are entered for a chance to win.
  3. You can make multiple entries to the giveaway from each of the social media options displayed on the submission page of the ‘Giveaway’.

Each week, 5 winners will receive a 1-year free Pro plan and a $20 Amazon gift card. Winners will be selected on Fridays and will be contacted via email. Wait no more and kick start your summer in winning ways!

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Terms & Conditions:

*This is an ongoing contest running from 12/06 (Friday) 12am UTC-5 until 28/08 (Friday) 23.59pm UTC-5. Each Friday of the week, five (5) random winners will be selected and contacted via email.

**You can make multiple entries to the giveaway from each of the social media options displayed on our ‘Giveaway’ tab in the submission page.

***Weekly winners are only eligible to win the giveaway once during the period of the giveaway.

****Piktochart can modify terms and conditions of this contest without prior notice.

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