Introducing Piktochart’s Wall of Happiness

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We would really like to introduce the one thing that keeps the entire team motivated when we read another “INSANELY huge launch from a competitor” or another feedback that says “Why haven’t you launched the Print-Friendly resolution yet?”. It happens a lot in the startup life and apart from a load of good Vietnamese coffee and endorphines-soaked-chocolates (for me), we rely on the endorphines that this “thing” generates.

Are you ready for it?

We have this great weapon called “Piktochart’s Wall of Happiness.”

It is often made of great testimonials from our users. Some of them asked to remain anonymous, some of them are so happy to be featured on our post. Among some great ones was a guy in Montenegro who used Piktochart’s free version to create an amazing looking infographic and got it published in a daily newspaper! (featured below)

We’ve got a “Wall of Praises” here at Piktochart’s tiny office. It’s filled with Post-It notes of all colours and they contain the most heart-warming messages and testimonials from our users. Some of them came from Kissinsights (yes that annoying pop up) and some of them from emails, Tweets and Facebook comments. We heart all of you.

Wall of Praises and Testimonials at Piktochart

Take a look at a video one of our users have posted about Piktochart. (Psst: Did you know that you can get 2 months free Pro upgrade worth $30 if you created a video about Piktochart? You are encouraged to be perfectly honest with your thoughts, we would really like to hear about them.)

Separately, this is the photo of the newspaper article featuring the infographic that was created by our anonymous star in MonteNegro.

A Piktochart by a user that went on news

Educators that featured Piktochart on their presentations about new and upcoming tools: Gideon Williams.

Piktochart Featured in Education- presentation tool

We just got news that @IctEvangelist will be featuring Piktochart in their education meet up as well. Thanks for the support, guys! It’s been really great getting feedback from the education sector.

Step by step, little by little, Piktochart is getting there.