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Piktochart User Stories: Witness Creativity in Action

Our team at Piktochart recently celebrated two exciting milestones here at our startup. Since our humble beginnings in 2012, 8.2 million people have used Piktochart and 18.7 million beautiful visuals have been dreamt up, carefully created, and put out for the world to see.

For our small team of 60, these numbers make us jump for joy and encourage us to continue innovating day after day!

Embracing Visual Communication

All around the world, marketers, small business owners, non-profit managers, educators, and students face challenges in their everyday lives. We’ve found that they all share the desire to improve their communication skills.

One way to become a stellar communicator is to add visuals to your toolbox.


Whether it’s teaching a new subject, reporting important figures, pitching a startup idea, or raising awareness about an important issue, Piktochart’s eight million strong community all want to tell impactful stories.

They aim to have their stories capture an audience’s attention, engage their emotions, and drive them towards a desired action. Putting visual communication at the cornerstone of their message time and time again leads to impact and action.

Introducing Piktochart’s User Stories

We hear stories each and every day from Piktochart’s extended family about how visual communication has changed their communication’s effectiveness.

We decided to dig a bit deeper into a handful of these stories. We are excited to introduce you to amazing Piktochart users, share their lessons learned, and hopefully spark inspiration for your next creation.

We invite you to come by and get to know the featured users on our new Piktochart User Stories page. We are proud to have such incredible people using Piktochart and we are truly humbled by their inspiring stories.


From the story of a student growing her startup from the campus of Harvard Business School, to a behind-the-scenes look at our collaboration with Indiegogo to help crowdfunders tell their stories visually, you can now browse over 25 stories of how Piktochart is helping people around the world achieve their communication goals.

You can even check out videos of Piktochart users in action – including the time we hung out at the offices in Amsterdam and when we visited one of Australia’s largest websites for moms!

Has Piktochart helped you become a better communicator? We’d love to learn more! Share your story with us on our Piktochart User Stories page.

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