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Product Update: Improved UI & Evernote/Slideshare Export

Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

We’ve got big update for our Piktochart PRO users especially those who work a lot with presentations.

User Interface Improvements

We have been receiving some feedback from our users and our user interface specialists have put in the effort to make sure the common functions are simplified, make your infographic designing experience whole lot better.

piktochart new ui

First thing you will notice is we have move the ‘Publish’ button from the left toolbar to top right corner of the screen. We believe that publish/share your infographic is one of the important functions and should be easily located. We have also separate it to ‘Download’ for downloading your infographics in different formats, ‘Share’ for sharing via social media, ‘Publish’ for publishing it as HTML version.

Some styling makeup is applied on the overall editor to make the left toolbar stand out more as we feel the buttons to add new icons/texts/charts should be visible to new and existing users.

You can also create new infographic (blank or choosing from a set of themes), rename or clone your current infographic at the ‘File’ dropdown list on the top left corner.

Resizing Infographic – Simplified

piktochart content width resize
Another cool thing added to the editor is the ‘Resize content’ option on block settings. Let’s say you want to resize your infographic e.g. 800px to 600px, by checking the ‘Resize content’, your infographic content will shrink/stretch proportionately to your infographic width, so you don’t have to worry about moving icons/texts around after changing its width again.

If the ‘Resize content’ is uncheck and the infographic width has change from 600px to 800px, it adds extra 200px empty space to the canvas. Click on any blocks and then click the ‘Settings’ button (gear icon) on the left to open up the block settings which you can check/uncheck the ‘Resize content’ option.

Exporting Infographics to Evernote

Not only you can publish infographics or download them in image format, now you can also export them out into Evernote as well! We have integrated Piktochart editor with Evernote API library so you can transfer your newly created infographics into Evernote.

piktochart evernote export

Mouse over on ‘Share’ and click ‘Evernote’ to start exporting. FREE users can export their infographic in ‘image’ format however PRO users can choose between ‘image’ or ‘PDF’. You will need to authenticate your Evernote account with Piktochart though.

Exporting Infographics to Slideshare

Another bonus PRO users get from this update is they can now export their presentation infographics to presentation Slideshare. We notice a big part of the Piktochart community create infographics for presentation, and now presenting your infographic couldn’t been more easier.

piktochart slideshare export

When you have completed your infographic, mouse over ‘Share’ at top right of your screen and it shows a list of options to share your infographic. Click on Slideshare to start exporting. The Slideshare export is only available when you pick the Presentation format when you select a theme.

Hope you all enjoy this week’s update!