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Piktochart and Typeform Team Up for Easy Candidate Satisfaction Measurement

One thing that seems to be consistent across all startup offices is excitement over new technology and online tools. At Piktochart, we recently fell in love with Typeform. When an opportunity to collaborate with this team arose, we were beyond excited!

Typeform is a cloud-based application for users to create and respond to surveys and other types of forms on any device. Headquartered in Barcelona, this startup team’s goal is to help users around the world gather information in an easy and beautiful way. Users have been using Typeform to build beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and landing pages since 2012. Their mission is to make things a little more human, and in doing so, they have successfully reimagined the online form-filling experience with an infusion of design-centric thinking.

Something that unites our two startups is our mutual love of company culture. Every day at Piktochart, we’re working to find amazing talent and the best culture fits while maintaining a top-notch recruitment and hiring process along the way.

A Unique Hiring Focus

All candidates who apply to Piktochart take an online skills test followed by 3 rounds of interviews – a technical interview, a cultural interview and the final interview. Throughout the process, we evoke our company values, HOPEFUL, and look for them in the candidates.


“During the cultural interview, we’re looking for someone who embraces our HOPEFUL values,” said Shen Dee Quah, HR & Recruitment Officer at Piktochart. “Having said that, we’re not looking for clones or people with similar personalities but someone who shares the same values. We send out an interview guide to each candidate to help them prepare for the interview.”

“Throughout the interview, we want the candidates to assess if they’re a good for the job and whether or not Piktochart is able to help them achieve  their goals,” continued Shen Dee. “It’s important for the candidate to feel that they’ve been evaluated fairly. We want them to feel like they  would still recommend Piktochart to their friends, even if they are not hired. One of the challenges that we still need to overcome is making better hiring decisions without bias while still being able to identify a candidate’s potential.”

The team at Typeform shares the same focus on attention to each and every candidate.

“I’m part of the People Operations team at Typeform,” said Georgina de Sola, Head of People Operations. “One of my biggest aims is to facilitate the HX, or “Human Experience,” factor throughout the entire employee journey—from first contact to personal and professional growth within the team. We do this by being both people-focused and data-informed.”

Georgina said making things a little more human permeates every part of the Typeform organization—including hiring.

“We obviously can’t hire everyone we interview, but we do want every candidate we interact with to have a good experience,” she said. “To make sure we’re providing that good experience, we send every candidate who goes through our interview process—regardless of the outcome—our candidate experience Typeform survey. Did things start on time? Were they treated with respect? Was the person conducting the interview prepared? These are all things we can find out from the survey.”

Candidate Experience Survey

The candidate experience Typeform survey is a quick and insightful way to ask candidates the questions that matter. Because of their success with this survey, the team at Typeform wanted to share the love with other companies by creating a template. When we heard they were making a survey template, we thought it would be helpful to create an infographic template as a supplement. That way, after collecting your data using the survey, you can present your data beautifully. We both have a real love for great templates!

“To communicate the results to any audience—your HR team, the whole company, your blog readers—an infographic is a great tool,” said Georgina. “People engage more with data when it’s presented in an intuitive, visual way. Showing an overview of the results in an infographic helps people more easily digest the information and grasp the key takeaways.”

“This collaboration with Typeform was an interesting one to work on,” said Kimberly Mak, one of our in-house designers here Piktochart. “Before diving into the design, it’s important to understand who the potential users are and how they could benefit the most out of this template design.

“My main focus was to ensure the template is as user friendly as possible. A quick double-click on the chart we incorporated allows you to alter the data to make it your own. I also enjoyed creating a set of fun, quirky characters to represent the diversity of candidates. It’s so important to embrace diversity in the workplace, and I enjoy representing that through design.”


“This survey template will be useful for employers to get feedback about the candidate’s perception of the employer,” said Shen Dee. “The feedback gained will also be helpful in improving the interview process which will lead to a positive candidate interview experience.”

Come give the new Typeform survey template a try. And then head over to our new Piktochart template to display your data!

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