Piktochart Marketing Series: 6 Posts That Will Help in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Growth is not just a concern of sales and marketing, but of product, engineering and support too. It is this organization-wide commitment to growth that ultimately sets these companies apart.

If you are a business owner, acquiring new customers should be your #1 priority. Not only will this allow you to stay in business, but the right growth rate will help you attract investors, employees and new customers.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a look at Company A vs. Company B, two direct competitors. Both companies offer on-demand food delivery to your house or office and they are exactly the same.  There’s only one difference: A is growing 5% month over month, while B is growing 9% month over month.

What is causing this seemingly insignificant 4% differential? That is what the Piktochart Marketing series are looking to address over the next few weeks! Hint- it has got a lot to do with having a sound digital marketing strategy.

At first, it seems that B will double A’s users base (5% vs. 9%). But when you take a closer look, you’ll discover that the growth of Company B compounds. After a year (roughly 52 weeks) company A will have 7,391 users, while company B will have 81,050. That’s an 11x increase over your competition. All of a sudden, that initial 4% differential looks powerful.


As a startup ourselves, we know the importance of growth. That’s why we decided to make April the marketing month. During the next 4 weeks we will share some insights about digital marketing strategies through 6 different articles on customer development, social media, content, startup growth and SEO.

Below you can find a quick overview of the articles coming (we might even have more!):

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1. How Learning More About Our Users Helped To Drive Marketing Efforts

Customer development is one of the most important task you can do for your startup. It should be the foundation for strategic decisions, feature releases and even copywriting.

2. 13 Growth Hacking Techniques You Could Apply Right Now

An actionable list with 13 growth hacking ideas you can apply to your own business right now.

3. How To Optimise Social Media Marketing Efforts Using Microcontent

Content has been huge for audience building in 2014, and the trend isn’t likely to stop. In this article we’ll explain you how to take advantage of microcontent to build a following.

4. What Is SEO Now And How We Go About it?

As Google evolves and improves its search algorithm, SEO keeps changing. What worked in 2014 might not work in 2015. Relevant, targeted and valuable content plus unparalleled user experience are more important than ever.

5. What our users do to gain thousands of infographic views

When creating an infographic, I’m sure you want as many people as possible to see it. That’s why we talked with the 3 Piktochart users with the all-time highest view count in their infographic to deconstruct how they did it.

6. Our Story – Piktochart Growth From 0 to 2M Users In 36 Months

An interesting and data-centered approached to Piktochart’s growth as a company, starting with nothing and getting to 2,000,000 users in record time.

Be on the lookout for these posts over the next month!

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