Wei Jian

Data Scientist | Piktochart

MozCon 2014 was an inbound marketing conference by our friends in Moz. It aims to achieve only ONE objective and ONE objective alone: be hands down THE best inbound marketing conference in 2014.

If you think a marketing conference is about experts sharing technical SEO methods or 10 ways to get your page to rank 1st in Google, think again. At MozCon we had THE Web Psychologist Nathalie Nahai show us how to create engaging content by understanding users’ brain and emotions. Kerry Bodine and Wil Reynolds taught us how to get customers coming back for more through great customer experience. Most of all, he taught us that getting more customers isn’t JUST a marketing job, but everyone from the Development, Designers, Customer Support, and every team in the company.

The atmosphere within the conference room felt rather nostalgic. It was like going back to school. Regardless how old or wise we are still learning new things. I swear, you could hear everyone thinking “Aha, that totally make sense! Why didn’t I think of that earlier?”. As how my favourite speaker Wil Reynolds would put it: Every speaker here knows their shit.

You could feel the passion of every speaker as they willingly went in-depth to share their insights. The Q&A sessions were particularly exciting as they answered the audience questions brilliantly. Rand Fishkin was constantly near the mic at the Q&A sessions, I almost shouted “you again??”. I bet other speakers and participants felt the same way…

Rand Fishkin MozCon

I’ve been to conferences where the term ‘networking’ primarily involved name card exchanging and giving your best 1 minute pitch. I’m pretty much sick of it and Moz was too. So they did things differently. Instead of a name card exchange frenzy, we had a pub crawl and the epic Moz Party where they jammed us all into the Garage for karaoke, bowling, pool (they called it billiards), pizza, and booze – all on the house. ‘Networking’ was more about building relationships than fishing for investors. And it has never been so much more fun. The here is long-term success.

They believed that a good party is to relationship building as content creation is to SEO. Create the content and the traffic will come. Throw a good party and the relationships will happen.

In summary, MozCon was a knowledge sharing conference made better with a free flow of Seattle’s Best Coffee, great food and snacks, awesome music, fantastic people, all packed into a 3 day adventure.

Leave the technical SEO talk to the SEO geeks, MozCon is here to rock your marketing world.

People asked me if I had any good takeaways from the conference that I could share. Yes. Lots of them. It will not all fit here. You’ll just have to talk to me yourself.

Even better – get yourself to MozCon 2015!