Piktochart Came 5th in Startups Asia [Contest]

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We have recently attended Startups Asia, which is the first conference organized by Penn-Olson/TechInAsia, it was a 2 day event (with a pitch rehearsal prior and an investors’ meeting after).

It was a pretty good experience for us as we managed to get to know lots of entrepreneurs from the region. There are not many tech events in Asia that take in a broad spectrum of pitches from early to mid stage startups, and also contain the breadth and variety of industries (software to hardware), plus span from 8 different countries.

We were the first to pitch on the first day, so that given, nobody really knew what sort of questions would be coming from the judges. We have to say that we were grilled hard, but not as hard as some of the other contestants. Well done to all the contestants. We were especially impressed by Panoplaza who did not make it into the top 5.

We also won a Nokia Lumia 800 as the 4th runner up in the Startup Arena and met plenty of investors who seemed to have taken a real interest in Piktochart. Take a look at our pitch here and looking forward to some comments to help us improve it.

Go Pikto!