5 Pikto Hacks That Can Cut Your Design Time in Half

I’m a big fan of optimizing my daily work, or as Tim Ferriss puts it, strategic laziness. One of my preferred methods to increase effectiveness is finding smarter, faster and better ways to do non-crucial tasks.

At Piktochart we all use our own tool heavily for all sorts of presentations, reports and infographics that we share with others. That’s because our team has created the best tool possible to help you design infographics and visuals in record time. You can access our template gallery by simply signing up for free.

With the course of time, and after years of combined use, we’ve found some little-known secrets, or smart hacks, that will help you do task that otherwise would be boring, time consuming and repetitive, ridiculously fast.


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Download Your Infographic by Blocks

A crucial part of promoting any piece of content is sharing it in social media. A great way to increase engagement on those posts is adding bite-size visuals of your content.

If you are using Piktochart to create more than one social media image at once, like I do, this tip is literally a life-saver. Simply create each image on separate blocks inside the same infographic file, and then use the Download as Blocks option, which downloads a .zip file with all your blocks (instead of the full infographic).

Change Icon Colors to Reflect Your Brand

We’ve talked about the power of consistency in design. However, if you are a designer or a marketer who uses Piktochart on a frequent basis to promote your business, finding icons that share the same color palette than your brand can be challenging. There are thousands of icons on our library, and chances are your brand has a super specific color scheme.

You probably didn’t know this, but you can change icon colors in Piktochart. This doesn’t work for all icons, but it does for most of them (specially the plain ones). Simply select an icon, and if you see the color bucket…


… it means you can edit it.

Delete All Elements at Once

A crucial part of repurposing a Piktochart template is being able to rearrange and delete all the elements you don’t need. The problem is some blocks might have dozens of element you don’t need, and deleting them one by one can be cumbersome.

Not anymore! Simply click on the target block, and then press CTRL + A (or Command + A in Mac’s OSx) to select all elements. To finish with, press DELETE and voilá – you just got ridden of a ton of elements in less than a second.

Upload Many Graphics At Once

Click Uploads, then Select Images from Computer. Find the file, and click Upload. Then drag and drop it into the block. Rinse and repeat.

Uploading icons, images and photos one by one can be an exhausting process. Luckily for us, there is a better way!

First, find all the images and icons you need and save them on a folder in your computer. Then, use this trick to upload them all at once to your Piktochart library.

Resize Icons And Photos Like a Boss

Whenever you add new graphics to your design, you might need to adjust them. However, if you simply select the icon, click on a corner and drag it to re-adjust it, you might see how it messes up the proportion.

Luckily for us, there is a way around it. This trick is subtle, but extremely important. Whenever you click on a corner and drag it to modify the size of an element, hold shift while doing it. This will ensure it’s resized in the right proportions.

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