PC.Com featuring Piktochart

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We have been working closely with PC.Com on the following interactive post. Check out their write up about us here and take a look at the animated infographic we did for them. They were interested to showcase 4 cases of Top 10 searches for 2011 and we built something for them which was like a slideshow of things they could feature.

Piktochart Feature on


The brains over at Piktochart want to allow users to tell a story with their data and create an emotional connection with their viewers. The initial prototype of Piktochart was built on Ruby on Rails, an open source web application framework and managed to get 1500 pre-launch signups. This gave Goh and Zaggia (also from Chinaccelerator) the confidence to go forward with developing and launching their service.

They have an awesome team (Michael Kwan and Catherine Yong) and Piktochart would love to extend our thanks to them!