5 Minutes Read | Leadership

Tips on Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Humans have an innate desire to improve. That we consistently make new year's resolutions - despite almost...

Daniel Tay Daniel Tay
Piktochart 2016 summary

10 Minutes Read | Leadership

2016: Another Pikto-Year in the Books

Year 2016 was a memorable one for the world. Despite surprising us and challenging us, it was full of stories...

Ai Ching Ai Ching

4 Minutes Read | Design

8 Ideas for Holiday-Themed Marketing Visuals

‘Tis the season for parties and presentations. The holidays are here, and along with them come...

Kimberly Mak Kimberly Mak

10 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

Piktochart’s Must-Have Apps and Tools for Remote Working

Piktochart hasn’t always been semi-remote. Back in 2011, the early Piktochart team worked exclusively out...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Templates Update for December

It’s that time of the year again – festive songs are playing on the radio, and the holiday mood is in the...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

5 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Piktochart + Rails Girls: Inspiring Women in Tech

Rails Girls started with one simple goal – to open up technology and make it more approachable for girls...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

7 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

How to Succeed as a Digital Nomad in a New City

Arriving in an entirely new city where you don’t know anyone or anything is part of the appeal of the...

Sim Vanco

4 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

We Just Got a Facelift!

Startups live and die based on their ability to adapt to change. We’ve been around for nearly five years...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

7 Minutes Read | Startup Lessons

Top 10 TED Talks on Startup Culture

Startup culture is at the center of attention recently thanks to more companies making an attempt at...

Aaron Lee

2 Minutes Read | Communications

Text vs. Images: Deciding How to Effectively Present Content

There are times when you can’t decide whether to do a text-only post or an image-only post. While each has...

Rick Enrico Rick Enrico

4 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

3 Traits of a Successful Digital Nomad

I’m passionate about teaching people how to become digital nomads. A digital nomad is a professional who...

Charles Du

6 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

How to Prevent The Pitfalls of Remote Working

Remote work is arguably one of the greatest advancements in the working life of people around the globe...

Dave Nevogt Dave Nevogt

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Templates Update for November

Every new month is worth celebrating, and we have a big reason to be celebrating this month - we’ve just...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

8 Minutes Read | Education

Using Creative Collaboration to Solve Problems in the Classroom

Here at Piktochart, our team passionately believes in making tools to democratize design. We were thrilled to...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

4 Minutes Read | Communications

Put a Pin in It: Using Infographics on Pinterest to Grow your Business

When Ben Silbermann first founded Pinterest back in 2010 and told his friends about it, none of them "got...

Daniel Tay Daniel Tay

6 Minutes Read | Design

7 Design Inspirations for Your Halloween Infographics and Visuals

Here we are again in the spookiest time of the year. Time to carve some pumpkins and get creative about what...

Kimberly Mak Kimberly Mak

8 Minutes Read | Education

Piktochart in the Classroom: Infographics & Education

Imagine this: your classroom is full of students, and they’re all participating in learning. They’re...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Templates Update for October

October is here, and even as the year is drawing to an end, our designers continue to be hard at work...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy