users piktochart infographics reach wider audience

3 Minutes Read | Communications

4 Users Tell Us How They Use Infographics To Reach a Wider Audience

Piktochart asked its users how they create strong content and engage their audience, as well as why do they...

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coming names startup piktochart story sketch

2 Minutes Read |

Coming Up With Names for a Startup – Piktochart

This is a short candid post about the naming process of Piktochart. I am Ching (co founder) and I'm also a...

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tips awesome infographic design blog

3 Minutes Read | Design

Tips for an Awesome Infographic Design [Guest Blog]

Content created specifically for the internet is more important now than it ever has been. There’s also...

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piktochart grew early stage startup desk office

2 Minutes Read | Startup Lessons

How Piktochart Grew as An Early Stage Startup [Growth]

Hi everyone,I am Ching, the co founder of Piktochart. Piktochart has recorded a total database of 300,000...

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great infographic design viral computer start

5 Minutes Read | Communications

[Guest Blog] How to Make a Great Infographic Design Go Viral

I lovedata visualization. I love using infographics as part of my web marketing strategies. It’s...

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attract customers unique business bee flower

3 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Attract Customers Unique to Your Business

Publicity gone right is probably the most awesome things that can happen to a business. Seeing your marketing...

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infographic stand out crowd bee flower

4 Minutes Read | Communications

Let Your Infographic Stand Out From the Crowd

It is to be believed that our average attention span is even shorter than a gold fish’s. Based on the...

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Top 3 tips easy infographics computer notebook laptop pen

2 Minutes Read | Design

Top 3 Tips to Create Easy Infographics

We know that the web is now filled with infographics. Is it still possible to come up with infographics...

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andreea ayers’s story piktochart re-pins pinterest pageviews

2 Minutes Read | Communications

Andreea Ayers’s Story : How Piktochart got her over 1,000 re-pins on Pinterest and over 11,000 pageviews in one week

The following guest blog post is created by Andreea Ayers. Thank you, Andreea for sharing your story. We are...

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reasons embrace infographics marketing campaign notepad

3 Minutes Read | Communications

4 Vital Reasons to Embrace Infographics in Marketing Campaign

With the emergence of viral marketing as an effective content marketing strategy, infographics are becoming...

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sneak peek updates code app

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Sneak Peek into V2

Dear Piktochartees,We are taking longer than WE expected on Version 2. There is a great quote that rings...

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piktochart summary startup malaysia experience silicon valley

1 Minute Read |

A Piktochart Summary of Our YouNoodle/Startup Malaysia Experience in Silicon Valley

The title says it all, the infographic explains it more.What did you think about our experience at...

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week silicon valley startups partners mentors.

6 Minutes Read | Announcement

Week 2 Silicon Valley: Startups, Partners, Mentors.

Monday: The Day of LecturesMonday kicked off with Professor Tom Kosnik's talk about Steve Blank's model and...

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week silicon valley san francisco

7 Minutes Read | Announcement

Week 1 in Silicon Valley

As part of the scholarship given to us by Startup Malaysia and GIST, we are releasing a weekly blog post...

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silicon valley startup san francisco

3 Minutes Read | Announcement

Thoughts on Heading Up to Silicon Valley

Today is the last week we have in preparation leading to our exciting trip to Silicon Valley. Piktochart has...

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history city infographics piktochart

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

History of Piktochart Infographics

We Will soon be updating this post with the latest addition. Another change to our branding direction. Stay...

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hunger games infographic film movie

1 Minute Read | All Things Piktochart

Hunger Games Infographic

This infographic has been created by Piktochart in collaboration with Effective Measure.Check out the...

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infographic templates themes hot air balloon

2 Minutes Read | Communications

Why Use Infographic Templates/Themes?

Piktochart is an easy drag and drop infographic tool and our main sell at the moment is the ability to...

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