5 Minutes Read | Design

How To Use Visuals To Boost Your Employer Branding

If you run a business or work in marketing, you’ll know that branding extends beyond your company’s...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

9 Minutes Read | Communications

2017: A Year Spent Gearing Up For The Big Leagues

Another year has come and gone and we’re amazed at how quickly it’s flown by. It was chock full of...

Ai Ching Ai Ching

5 Minutes Read | Design

8 Ideas For Holiday-Themed Marketing Visuals

The holiday season and the end of yet another action-packed year is just around the bend. As we gear up for...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

4 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Kyle’s Story: Why Developers Should Move To An Exotic Island For Work

Two years ago, Kyle Dolezal, a 30-something Ruby on Rails developer from Minneapolis, was at a crossroads....

Iris Leung Iris Leung

4 Minutes Read | User Stories

User Story: Why Visual Communication Is A Skill Every Student Should Learn

Visuals in a learning environment are essential, and the statistics prove this point. Research from Indiana...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

7 Minutes Read | Communications

The Ultimate Content Audit Checklist For Marketers

The content marketing strategy, an ever-evolving plan to use the power of words to win over new customers....

Iris Leung Iris Leung
How to generate leads with infographics

1 Minute Read | Communications

How to Generate Leads With Infographics – 11 Tactics [Ebook by Hubspot]

In the world of marketing and content strategy, infographics are a fantastic way of catching reader attention...

Justin Wiesenfeld Justin Wiesenfeld

5 Minutes Read | Education

12 Visual Communication Ideas That Teachers Can Use In The Classroom

This is what I love about this time of year. The rather fuzzy, yet thoughtfully planned, classroom vision I...

Tracey Farris Tracey Farris

5 Minutes Read | Design

5 Inspirational Ways To Make Your Marketing More Visual

Visuals have become a key cog to the majority of content marketing strategies. In fact, a Venngage study...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

7 Minutes Read | Communications

How Marketers Use Visual Storytelling To Build Instagrammable Brands

By now, marketers should be well aware of how powerful a platform Instagram is when it comes to influencing...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

4 Minutes Read | Design

How To Make Your Organizational Announcements Beautiful And Effective

Organizational (org) announcements, a way to communicate the latest updates to all employees, is in serious...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

10 Minutes Read | Design

31 Inspirational Brand Colors And How To Use Them

Coming up with a set of brand colors is an essential part of the journey that every company needs to take on...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

2 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

PODCAST: Can VR Make Meetings Less Unbearable?

While it’s a tad more reliable these days and we can now see our colleagues and loved ones in a higher...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

12 Minutes Read | Communications

50 Visual Marketing Statistics For Today’s Marketer

With speedy technological evolution comes steady change for the marketing industry. Since the digital world...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

3 Minutes Read | Design

5 Quick and Easy Presentation Tips For Non-Designers

Being a non-designer is no excuse for mediocre-looking slides. Anyone persistent enough can develop an eye...

Rick Enrico Rick Enrico

5 Minutes Read | Design

3 Basic Design Principles For Effective Infographic Making

Today’s non-designers are equipped to create beautiful infographics without breaking a sweat. If you’re a...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

9 Minutes Read | Leadership

Radical Candor in Practice: Airbnb and Piktochart Share Their Experiences

Lately, we’ve been practicing a new principle here at Piktochart called “Radical Candor.” It’s a...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

2 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

PODCAST: How Do Fully-Distributed Teams Work?

For some companies, those days of punching the clock are long gone. They get that results are way more...

Iris Leung Iris Leung