7 Minutes Read | Communications

The Ultimate Content Audit Checklist For Marketers

The content marketing strategy, an ever-evolving plan to use the power of words to win over new customers....

Iris Leung Iris Leung
How to generate leads with infographics

1 Minute Read | Communications

How to Generate Leads With Infographics – 11 Tactics [Ebook by Hubspot]

In the world of marketing and content strategy, infographics are a fantastic way of catching reader attention...

Justin Wiesenfeld Justin Wiesenfeld

5 Minutes Read | Education

12 Visual Communication Ideas That Teachers Can Use In The Classroom

This is what I love about this time of year. The rather fuzzy, yet thoughtfully planned, classroom vision I...

Tracey Farris Tracey Farris

5 Minutes Read | Design

5 Inspirational Ways To Make Your Marketing More Visual

Visuals have become a key cog to the majority of content marketing strategies. In fact, a Venngage study...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

4 Minutes Read | Design

How To Make Your Organizational Announcements Beautiful And Effective

Organizational (org) announcements, a way to communicate the latest updates to all employees, is in serious...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

10 Minutes Read | Design

31 Inspirational Brand Colors And How To Use Them

Coming up with a set of brand colors is an essential part of the journey that every company needs to take on...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

2 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

PODCAST: Can VR Make Meetings Less Unbearable?

While it’s a tad more reliable these days and we can now see our colleagues and loved ones in a higher...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

7 Minutes Read | Communications

How Marketers Use Visual Storytelling To Build Instagrammable Brands

By now, marketers should be well aware of how powerful a platform Instagram is when it comes to influencing...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

12 Minutes Read | Communications

50 Visual Marketing Statistics For Today’s Marketer

With speedy technological evolution comes steady change for the marketing industry. Since the digital world...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

3 Minutes Read | Design

5 Quick and Easy Presentation Tips For Non-Designers

Being a non-designer is no excuse for mediocre-looking slides. Anyone persistent enough can develop an eye...

Rick Enrico Rick Enrico

5 Minutes Read | Design

3 Basic Design Principles For Effective Infographic Making

Today’s non-designers are equipped to create beautiful infographics without breaking a sweat. If you’re a...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

9 Minutes Read | Leadership

Radical Candor in Practice: Airbnb and Piktochart Share Their Experiences

Lately, we’ve been practicing a new principle here at Piktochart called “Radical Candor.” It’s a...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

2 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

PODCAST: How Do Fully-Distributed Teams Work?

For some companies, those days of punching the clock are long gone. They get that results are way more...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

4 Minutes Read | Education

Piktochart x Skillshare: A Free Visual Communication Class

During his time at university, Michael Karnjanaprakorn saw a variety of teaching styles and experienced the...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

13 Minutes Read | Communications

7 Easy Growth Hack Techniques That Give Immediate Results

When I was a non-techie just barely getting introduced to the world of growth hacking, I always wondered —...

Harrison Niap Harrison Niap

5 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

4 Proactive Ways Digital Nomads Can Build Business Connections

Combining work and travel isn’t a new idea, but today it’s even easier than ever before.  If your work...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

8 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

10 Unglamorous Facts of the Digital Nomad Life

Hello there! My name is Romi and I work remotely for the Piktochart marketing team. My boyfriend, Maxi, is an...

Romina Viola Romina Viola

5 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Become a Stellar Storyteller and Ace Your Next Presentation

Presentations of all stripes can run the gamut of a startup pitch deck to a grand product reveal. The one...

Iris Leung Iris Leung